(+66) 038 076 234 , (+66) 033 090 828
LOT 14050/811
Antique chair
LOT 22211/9
3D Canadian carve picture in wooden
LOT 36028/12
Job lot of dolls with basket
LOT 41217/50
CD and FILMS with stand
LOT 55500/213
3 Fashion bags
LOT 65599/19
2 smalls Wooden gold caved wall deco
LOT 75599/16
2 larges Wooden gold caved wall deco
LOT 8132/226
White coral
LOT 91848/30
Bell with holder
LOT 104199/259
2 Ancient ritual magic bronze Chines
LOT 113737/121
Collection of 3 classic Volkswagen c
LOT 1261/106
Job lot of wooden decorations
LOT 132984/1360
Bronze deer
LOT 143737/123
3x Ricard water jugs
LOT 152984/1365
Brass bell
LOT 164199/243
Nice drag on decorate sward with dam
LOT 174199/250
Old sowiet union-China friendship qu
LOT 184199/234
Beautiful old 1914 incised WW1 caval
LOT 195500/230
Brass walking stick
LOT 205599/20
Chinese dragon walking stick
LOT 215957/12
Brass Genesh with turtle
LOT 224525/1906
Job lot of ceramics
LOT 233737/119
2x Decorated pewter tankards and pew
LOT 244285/119
A pair of vases
LOT 255075/72
A pair of pewter planes
LOT 263737/120
Pair of glass 'Paris' wall clocks
LOT 276029/44
JVC, Panasonic, Hitachi, Sony, Natio
LOT 284050/892
Westminster clock
LOT 29460/303
Table lamp
LOT 305957/8
Wooden falcon
LOT 314285/124
A pair of vases with flowers
LOT 324050/862
Dinning table with 5 rush chairs and
LOT 33802/137
New Knight Templar steel and brass s
LOT 344050/893
Westminster clock
LOT 355075/78
Brass lamp
LOT 36834/65
Maroon leather rreclining chair
LOT 374050/818
Electric recliner armchair
LOT 38834/66
teak wood Rocking chair
LOT 395976/2
Mermaid sovereign 2007 brass bell wi
LOT 405743/13
Crystal fruits dish
LOT 415743/15
Glass dubble handle friuts bolw
LOT 425743/27
Cookie jar
LOT 435743/34
Silverplated spoons and floks
LOT 445743/16
Crystal roast bowl
LOT 455743/14
Crystal friuts bolw
LOT 465743/10
A large heavy piece of retro glass
LOT 475743/11
Crystal decanter
LOT 484050/844
Crystal Whisky decanter
LOT 495743/31
6xcup 6xsaucers Wedgwood
LOT 505743/26
6x crystal tubler
LOT 515743/25
Crystal port glasses
LOT 525743/28
5x crystal cherry glasses
LOT 535743/32
Silverplated hand polished & lacquer
LOT 545743/17
2x of vases
LOT 555743/18
2x of vases
LOT 565743/22
Small crystal vase slice chip
LOT 575743/23
2x crystal vases
LOT 585743/19
6x of crystal dessert dishes
LOT 595743/20
Crystal of milk jug and sugar blow
LOT 605743/21
Crystal of milk jug and sugar blow
LOT 615743/9
6x Crystal dishes with large crystal
LOT 625743/12
Beautiful crystal scent bottle with
LOT 635904/164
Stuart cut glass decontor in box
LOT 645904/151
Cut glass square decontor
LOT 655904/157
Glass claret jug
LOT 665904/150
Cut glass ship decantor
LOT 674285/121
Cut glass basket
LOT 685904/165
Stuart crystal glasses in box
LOT 695904/166
Antique ceramic basket
LOT 705743/30
3pcs of vases
LOT 715743/35
7x Selection of wedgwood plates
LOT 725904/170
1 Porcelain figure and 1 figure of l
LOT 735904/171
Nice 3 pieces cultray set
LOT 745904/174
Blithe Morning China royal doulton f
LOT 755904/168
Old sword in wood case
LOT 764006/8
Job lot of ceramic figures
LOT 775904/169
Wedgwood figure fine porcelain
LOT 785904/172
11 pieces Crown staffordshire coffee
LOT 79117/659
Glass decanter
LOT 805904/175
Silver plated entree dish and cover
LOT 815904/173
5 pieces Coronation mugs & jar
LOT 825904/160
China art deco figure lady
LOT 835904/167
Brass oil lamp & funnel
LOT 845904/163
Cut glass basket
LOT 855743/40
Tienshan 24% Lead crystal glasses
LOT 864285/128
LOT 874050/857
The Ship light
LOT 884050/866
Copper milk church
LOT 895075/79
Wooden round table
LOT 904050/845
300-400 pcs accessories
LOT 915743/49
White hand embroider large table clo
LOT 925743/50
Selection of small table cloths some
LOT 934050/890
Beautiful arm chair
LOT 944050/894
Book shelf
LOT 95159/1123
An old king RAMA 5 print in an unusu
LOT 96736/51
Chinese lady picture
LOT 975599/18
The mirror with frame
LOT 98159/1148
Lovely antique picture of cattle wat
LOT 994050/808
Wooden carved antique armchair
LOT 1004050/883
Oil painting in gold plated frame
LOT 1014050/869
Church chair
LOT 1024050/871
A pair of hand made heavy wooden hig
LOT 1034050/850
Africa wooden figure decoration
LOT 1044050/800
Green lezther sofa set
LOT 1054050/868
Church chair
LOT 1064050/822
Very nice small round table
LOT 1074050/879
Copper Paulus Rubens
LOT 1084050/802
LOT 1093563/147
Job lot of 23 pieces earings
LOT 1101563/53
225 pieces Old U.S.A and Australia s
LOT 1114285/118
A pair of Yumikatsura in box
LOT 112132/233
Bronze and brass saturday buddha
LOT 1134285/123
1999 British Touring car champions
LOT 1142207/973
Silver pendant with fusion &diamond
LOT 115159/1155
Beautiful lady's silver plated ring
LOT 1166056/2
18ct gold ring with orange sapphire
LOT 1175779/85
Garnet in silver setting size 6.5
LOT 1184199/269
Original Vietnam war Zippo lighter
LOT 1194199/267
Nice Lapiz Lazuli Gemstone necklace
LOT 1205929/2
LOT 121132/234
Silver bracelet 92.37 g.
LOT 1222207/962
Sterling silver ruby ring with diamo
LOT 123132/235
Silver ring with ruby 14 g.
LOT 1244199/268
Unusual imperial ink holder stamped
LOT 1254199/239
3 original east German howor mebals
LOT 1265047/17
Casio pink
LOT 1271563/54
10 different 120 year old stamps New
LOT 1284199/240
2 original Vietnam war badges,zippol
LOT 1295500/217
Jade bracelet
LOT 1302207/967
Sterling silver ruby ring with diamo
LOT 1312207/963
Silver ring with flame fusion sapphi
LOT 1322207/970
Sterling silver pendant with 2 carat
LOT 1332207/971
Sterling silver pendant with 3 carat
LOT 1342207/968
Sterling silver pendant with cut rub
LOT 1352207/972
Sterling silver pendant with cut eme
LOT 1366056/3
18ct gold ring with orange sapphire
LOT 1376056/1
18ct Gold ring with red sapphire sto
LOT 1382207/966
Silver ring with mystic topaz gem cl
LOT 1392207/964
Sterling silver ruby ring with diamo
LOT 1402207/969
Sterling silver Fusion ruby ring
LOT 141159/1154
Beautiful lady's gold plated ring wi
LOT 14251/335
Men gold Ring
LOT 1435500/218
Jade pendant
LOT 1444599/401
An Ethnic Tibet pendant with silver
LOT 1455929/1
Diamond bracelet with earings
LOT 1462537/172
46 jaeger le coultre men watch
LOT 1472537/171
Techno-marine Men Watch
LOT 1484199/265
Beautiful 19 century antique paintin
LOT 1494199/266
Original antique signed painting on
LOT 150132/228
Oil painting with frame
LOT 151159/1147
An old large antique hand painted sa
LOT 1524050/851
Italy figure light
LOT 1534599/413
A Silver Milk Pot 252 grams
LOT 1544599/410
A Silver covered box 92.5% (306 gram
LOT 1555075/63
Ceramic basket
LOT 1565904/161
Silver plated kettle
LOT 1574599/406
A big silver Pumpkin 92.5% (570 gram
LOT 1584599/411
A pair of silver Singha 92.5% (448 g
LOT 1594050/855
Jesus on the cross in gold plated fr
LOT 160159/1150
A lovely old silver plate on copper
LOT 1612211/10
Silver plated brass
LOT 162460/302
Ceramic car
LOT 1635075/57
3 ceramic bowls with lids
LOT 164159/1120
A Wedgwood style jug by Cammieo Cera
LOT 165229/277
First Postal stamp of Siam August 4,
LOT 1664050/831
Job lot of knifes with spoons
LOT 1674050/825
Old coffee grinder
LOT 1684050/826
Old coffee grinder
LOT 1694050/828
Old coffee grinder
LOT 170159/1161
A 15'' Chinese old blue and white te
LOT 1714050/837
German antique solder clock
LOT 1724050/841
Jesus wooden hanger
LOT 1734050/849
Porcelain figure decoration
LOT 1744783/2
Very old compass
LOT 1754050/852
Porcelain vase
LOT 1764050/827
Nice old coffee grinder
LOT 1775500/231
Old fine stone Chinese monk
LOT 1784050/867
Glass with brass lamp
LOT 1794050/848
Napolain figure decoration
LOT 1804050/891
Antique spinning wheel
LOT 1814050/895
Small hight table
LOT 1824050/858
Gruppo di pianficazione, nucleare na
LOT 183159/1151
1972 royal Doulton toby jug simi rar
LOT 1844050/846
Joox box radio FM 1978'
LOT 1854050/840
Gold plated vase
LOT 1864050/859
Bronze Maria Antoinette figure
LOT 187323/262
19 century framed pot lid
LOT 188132/231
Chinese Hok Lok Sil
LOT 1895743/29
Drinking glasses set
LOT 1904050/823
A pair of Chinese vases
LOT 1914050/860
Sterring silver jesus
LOT 192132/229
Stone agate from Australai
LOT 1935904/158
Silver plated mirror
LOT 194159/1162
Very nice black and white stingray -
LOT 195132/230
Black jade Ganesh
LOT 1965075/74
Marble dragon tortoise
LOT 197834/67
Glass vase
LOT 198159/1073
A lovely fine porcelain baluster vas
LOT 1995075/62
Ceramic jug
LOT 2005075/59
Angel lady with boy and girl
LOT 2015357/563
Happy jade buddha
LOT 2025500/219
Jade religious statue
LOT 2034599/408
A Pewter silver tea pot 92.5% (444 g
LOT 2045904/152
Silver plated cake dishs
LOT 2055421/2
Beer stein
LOT 2065904/162
Cut glass claret jug
LOT 2074050/847
Crystal vase
LOT 2085904/154
Silver plated dish & cover
LOT 2095904/153
Silver plated tray
LOT 2106051/10
Medaim Chinese bolw
LOT 2114050/861
Decoration lamp
LOT 2125357/564
Large oil painting signed
LOT 2136060/1
A large bronze Chinese God with wood
LOT 2141898/135
A pair of wooden elephants
LOT 2154050/877
Old wine rack
LOT 216159/1158
A nice large Siamese light weight ca
LOT 2174050/812
Oak small carved bureau 45x100x95cm
LOT 218159/1145
Very nice lady's rose gold necklace
LOT 219159/1157
Lady's very nice unusual necklace wi
LOT 220159/1149
A beautiful gold plated with diamant
LOT 2214050/829
A pair of coffee grinders
LOT 2224783/1
Kelvin & Hughes London 1917
LOT 2235075/61
Resin old Chinese with tiger
LOT 22446/1269
Antique Chinese cabinet Marble on to
LOT 2254050/830
Ceramic gold tea set
LOT 2264050/813
Green Wooden carved sofa set
LOT 2275500/229
Chinese scroll stamp
LOT 2285500/220
Black paint of gragon
LOT 2294050/874
Old IBM write typing machine
LOT 2304050/815
Oak coffer with key in office 50x125
LOT 2314050/836
Gold plated mirror
LOT 2325743/33
42 pcs of Silverplated king pattern
LOT 2334050/876
3psc of sqaur wooden table
LOT 2345743/38
4pcs Collection of collectable plate
LOT 2354050/807
Chinese coffee table size 100x100x40
LOT 236323/259
Brass cutlery
LOT 2375743/37
6xcups 6xsaucers old counlry roses
LOT 2385743/52
Collection of table cloths hand embr
LOT 2394050/889
A pair of leather arm chairs
LOT 2404050/801
Old Rocking chair
LOT 2414050/817
Black armchair
LOT 2425743/24
4xcup 6xsaucers Colclough
LOT 2433737/122
Leather cased binoculars by commodor
LOT 2445075/75
Job lot of porcelain horses
LOT 2455743/41
Wade tea pot in box
LOT 2465743/43
10pcs Collection of collectable plat
LOT 2475743/39
4pcs Collection of collectable plate
LOT 2485743/36
6 of limited edition places in box
LOT 2495743/47
Beautiful old plates and Sandwich pl
LOT 2505743/51
Collection of table cloths hand embr
LOT 2515743/46
10pcs collection collectable plate
LOT 2525743/53
Collection of table cloths hand embr
LOT 2535743/48
9pcs of collection collectable plat
LOT 2545743/42
7pcs Collection of meat plates
LOT 2555743/45
7pcs of Collection of pink, blue, gr
LOT 2564285/120
A large glass vase
LOT 2574525/1883
Job lot of vases
LOT 2585743/44
14pcs of collection collectable plat
LOT 2595075/76
Ceramic bowl with resin dish
LOT 2605555/9
2 glass bolws
LOT 2614525/1879
A pair of old mans of Chinese
LOT 2626051/17
One ceramic bowl with small ceramic
LOT 2634050/824
Job lot of stainless steel trays
LOT 2645904/159
2 rasin tigers
LOT 2655957/5
Wooden elephant with ashtray
LOT 2664525/1888
Job lot of vases
LOT 2674525/1900
Job lot of glass bolws
LOT 2685500/226
4 Chinese container stamp
LOT 2694103/11
8 set of silver plated cutlery brand
LOT 2705555/10
Guise PPE Armani Figurine of young g
LOT 271323/258
8 silver plated place mats
LOT 2724199/257
Beautiful antique brass scale
LOT 273159/1153
A lovely old brass and copper jug
LOT 2744546/78
Set of crytal Port wine glsses
LOT 2756028/8
Very old small safe
LOT 2765075/73
A pair of resin Chinese dragons
LOT 2774546/75
4x set of coffee cupsanwich plated
LOT 278132/227
Art wood Thai painting
LOT 279132/232
3 teak wood Thai mans
LOT 2802984/1361
Rasin Chinese lion
LOT 2812984/1362
Bronze Chinese man
LOT 2826028/9
Brass box
LOT 2835555/12
Brass tray with 4 solid brass horse
LOT 2845357/561
Brass long feet bird
LOT 2855904/149
A pair of Chinese rasin figures
LOT 2865500/227
Heavy bronze seal
LOT 2875500/228
Set of cutleries
LOT 2885957/11
A pair of brass birds with cleaver
LOT 28961/105
Wooden elephen table
LOT 2902984/1364
A pair of head wolfs
LOT 2915075/66
Pottery tea set
LOT 2925957/10
Job lot of brass tigers and horses
LOT 2936028/15
LOT 2944050/843
Gatto cat espresso cup set
LOT 2955357/562
Iron ship and tigers
LOT 2964546/76
Rusian dolls
LOT 2975500/225
A lot of dutch ornament
LOT 298159/1159
A nice Siamese light weight cane wor
LOT 2994525/1877
2 lamps
LOT 3002984/1363
Bronze swan
LOT 301117/660
Brass panter
LOT 3025904/156
Bronze buddha
LOT 3035500/216
45 pcs. old coins
LOT 3045500/222
Old Chinese graphic book
LOT 3055904/155
Bronze Saturday buddha
LOT 3065075/68
A pair of Chinese vases
LOT 3076008/28
Pair of silvet plated wine glass
LOT 3081898/133
Job lot of silver plated
LOT 3095075/77
Very old radio
LOT 310159/1152
Very old 18th century bronze cooking
LOT 3114050/872
Glass table
LOT 3124050/803
Sewing machine
LOT 3135500/221
A pair of leded Chinese vase stamp
LOT 3142984/1366
Bronze head fish lady
LOT 3156028/13
Wooden Thai angel
LOT 3164050/878
18 century continental settle
LOT 3175599/15
Small cabinet with draws
LOT 3186028/14
A pair of bronze ladys
LOT 3194050/806
Small oak chest of drawers 45x95x78
LOT 320323/261
Rose wood mop Chinese stool
LOT 3215317/7
Horn Gramaphone
LOT 3224050/842
Gemuse messer 7pcs cutlery set
LOT 3234050/856
Rattan frame mirror with butterfy de
LOT 3242789/78
Grey Sofa
LOT 3254050/886
Oil painting in wooden frame
LOT 3264050/870
Wooden round table
LOT 3274050/814
Antique red chair
LOT 3284050/875
4x old wooden bar chairs
LOT 3294050/821
Red leather armchair bottom back
LOT 330159/1106
A silver metal 6 light candelarbra w
LOT 3314050/880
Old traveling chest
LOT 3324050/873
Naumann Electric sewing machine made
LOT 3334050/805
Sewing machine
LOT 3344050/834
The death picture in wooden frame
LOT 33556/22
Digital video recorder with 4 camera
LOT 3364050/832
Job lot of ceramic bowls
LOT 3374050/810
wooden wall hanger
LOT 338159/1127
A new pair of mosaic yellow glass el
LOT 339159/1160
A beautiful very heavy onyx marble t
LOT 340159/1156
A pair of very nice red bedroom ligh
LOT 341922/9
Casadio large coffee machine 2 head
LOT 3426055/1
LG DVD receiver system
LOT 343159/1118
A very nice gold plated plaque of a
LOT 3442600/27
Rancilio Apoca coffee machine
LOT 34546/1271
Philips TV
LOT 3464050/833
German Antique wooden clock
LOT 3474050/854
Jesus on the cross in gold plated fr
LOT 3484050/865
Dinning table with 5 rush chairs and
LOT 3495599/12
Indian fabric framed 70x147cm
LOT 3506028/7
Old Steel label police station
LOT 3515599/11
Indian Fabric framed 170x112cm
LOT 3525599/14
Room divider
LOT 3534050/887
0il painting in gold plated frame
LOT 3544050/864
Beautiful old cabinet
LOT 3554050/809
Oak bureau 4tx100x100cm with 4 keys
LOT 3564050/838
Jesus in the woonden frame
LOT 3574050/882
Oil painting in wooden frame
LOT 358460/304
Wooden table lamp
LOT 3594050/839
Audiosonic CD player
LOT 3604050/820
Small Roll top Desk
LOT 3614050/884
Oil painting in wooden frame
LOT 3624050/835
Gold plated mirror
LOT 3634050/888
Oil painting in frame
LOT 3644050/863
Small wooden cabinet
LOT 3654050/885
Oil painting in wooden frame
LOT 3666051/8
Job lot of picture frames
LOT 3673188/35
Lighter decoration
LOT 3686029/26
A pair of stone cabinet with drawers
LOT 3694412/23
Wooden TV cabinet
LOT 3703188/31
Hot-pot electric pan 1.5L 1,000W
LOT 3713188/32
Warm steam
LOT 372460/301
Adidas with findig bags
LOT 373922/38
Steel round table with 4 chairs
LOT 374922/37
Steel round table with 4 chairs
LOT 375922/36
Steel round table with 4 chairs
LOT 376922/39
Pair of Tall round table
LOT 3775500/187
Superior quality mattress 6 ft.
LOT 378922/40
Steel round table with 4 chairs
LOT 3795965/3
A pair of tennis rackets
LOT 3803188/33
2 scales
LOT 3815047/19
Hatari fan 16"
LOT 3824412/26
A pair of chairs
LOT 383237/71
Rattan sofa set with cushions
LOT 3845500/178
Victorian small rocking chair
LOT 3854525/1823
Golf club Leather DUNLOP brand ,retr
LOT 3866044/27
Rattan queen size bed and 2 bedside
LOT 3875231/3
LOT 388913/211
White chair with stool
LOT 3895231/2
Rattan chair with stool
LOT 3906027/2
Black sofa with one cushions
LOT 3912211/7
sofa set
LOT 39261/110
Pair of mirror
LOT 3931747/14
Teak Wooden bench chair
LOT 394460/294
2 chairs zebra design
LOT 3952984/1368
Wooden elephant
LOT 3964864/3
Massage chair with footrest
LOT 3972789/79
Teak wood reclining chair with cush
LOT 3985965/2
Golf bag with suitcase
LOT 3991898/137
Green sofa bed
LOT 400922/25
Brown leather recliner armchairs
LOT 40118/177
V-tech electric cycle machine
LOT 4021702/14
Training equipment
LOT 403922/55
Job lot of plastics
LOT 404159/1140
Very nice stainless steel sink and s
LOT 4051886/6
4x Bar stools
LOT 4061898/143
A pair of DVD players with remote in
LOT 4075997/9
TV cabinet /cupboard
LOT 408922/27
Job lot of kitchenware
LOT 409922/32
5x Job lot of ceiling fan
LOT 410922/41
Large stainless steel table 85x235x8
LOT 411922/17
Stainless steel table 60x90x89
LOT 412922/49
Stainless steel table 60x120x80cm
LOT 4136042/12
Stainless steel sink 2 keys in offic
LOT 414922/30
2x Stianless steel shelfs 30x240cm
LOT 4153188/34
Job lot of miscellaneous
LOT 416922/21
2 small scales and big scales
LOT 417922/16
Stainless steel table 70x110x80
LOT 418922/20
Job lot of white ceramics
LOT 419922/48
Stainless steel table 70x150x80cm
LOT 4206008/23
Tall lamp
LOT 4216044/11
Yellow Hatari fan
LOT 4225997/12
Book shelf /cupboard
LOT 423922/57
Job lot of white ceramic plated
LOT 424922/6
Steel shelf
LOT 425922/14
Large Stainless gas cooker
LOT 426922/58
3 stools with rattan basket
LOT 427922/50
2x Electric Juicers and mixer
LOT 428922/53
Wine Cooler
LOT 429922/4
Cake display cabinet
LOT 430922/5
Cake display cabinet
LOT 4316027/7
Filing cabinet
LOT 4321898/113
Astina washing machine 8.5 kg.
LOT 433922/28
2box job lot of white ceramics
LOT 4341747/15
Office desk
LOT 435414/16
Electrolux 5.5kg
LOT 4366042/6
Daikin air con remote in office 9000
LOT 4374864/15
Sun bed
LOT 4386042/7
Carrier air con 33000BTU remote in o
LOT 4391747/13
Shower unit
LOT 4402211/8
Round white table
LOT 441922/44
2x Stianless steel shelfs 40x200cm
LOT 442922/8
3 doors refrigerator
LOT 443922/7
2 doors Beer freezer
LOT 444922/42
4 blackboards
LOT 445922/33
Large water tank
LOT 446922/15
Pair of stainless steel sink
LOT 447237/69
Bamboo Hut With Chairs
LOT 448237/70
Bamboo Hut With Chairs
LOT 449922/46
Folding table
LOT 450922/31
Job lot of Ceiling lights
LOT 451922/34
Very large heavy gas pizza oven
LOT 452922/43
2x Stianless steel shelfs 40x240cm
LOT 453922/35
Gas pizza oven
LOT 454922/10
Large gas tank
LOT 455922/11
Large gas tank
LOT 456922/52
Very heavy King michine mixer
LOT 457922/51
Very heavy King michine mixer
LOT 4586053/1
Hummer Bicycle
LOT 459922/45
2x Stianless steel shelfs 40x200cm
LOT 4606059/1
Modern from Office desk with 2 file
LOT 4616059/2
Modern from Office desk with 2 file
LOT 4622984/1359
Teak wood table with 2 chairs
LOT 463922/47
Sanden intercool freezer
LOT 4645965/5
Canon Inkjet office all-in-one
LOT 4656008/24
Long table
LOT 466922/56
Job lot of kitchenware
LOT 4671898/146
Office desks 4 options
LOT 468132/225
4 pieces mother of pearl
LOT 4696008/14
Dining table with 6 chairs
LOT 470913/212
Dining table with 6 chairs
LOT 4715047/16
Sun umbrella with stand
LOT 4721898/119
Char broil BBQ
LOT 473922/24
3 antique wooden chairs
LOT 4746044/21
Rattan room divider
LOT 475741/25
Decoration Of Wall plaque
LOT 4765997/11
L shape meeting table
LOT 477922/22
Job lot of large ceramic plated
LOT 478922/12
Job lot of ceramic plated
LOT 4794285/127
Golf shose size 40
LOT 4804285/126
Findig shose size 38
LOT 4814285/125
London shoes leather size 39
LOT 4821883/8
Wooden tv cabinet
LOT 4831898/115
Dining table
LOT 484272/61
Computer desk
LOT 4856052/5
Princess coffee maker
LOT 4866008/17
Rattan Book case
LOT 4876029/46
A pair of baskets with books and wal
LOT 4884412/29
Wooden dress table with chair
LOT 4896052/4
Princess coffeemaker
LOT 49061/107
Clock wall
LOT 491922/23
3 antique chairs
LOT 492922/29
Lof of ceramic with Miscs
LOT 49358/201
Hatari fan
LOT 4942984/1367
Round wooden table
LOT 4956028/11
Oil painting
LOT 4966044/37
Job lot of ceramics
LOT 4974412/25
A pair of chairs
LOT 4984412/27
Wooden dress table with chair
LOT 4996028/10
Oil painting with frame
LOT 5001883/18
Acer mornitor computer
LOT 50161/111
Chinese picture
LOT 5024412/24
Wooden dress table with chair
LOT 5036008/12
Rattan sofa
LOT 5044285/122
LOT 5051898/136
Stainless steel pot with fork holder
LOT 5065499/28
LED light
LOT 507880/171
Fladen fishing
LOT 508880/170
Fladen fishing
LOT 5091898/149
Hair cutn
LOT 510345/957
NPV Single Phase Watt-Hour Meter
LOT 511611/12
Hydraulic floor jack 2 ton
LOT 5125047/20
13 pieces 2203/ALU/White
LOT 513913/221
Hp printer with brother fax machine
LOT 514611/13
Jack hammer
LOT 51561/109
Gardening tool
LOT 516172/212
Paros coffee machine
LOT 517345/956
NPV Single Phase Watt-Hour Meter
LOT 51858/194
TV Cabinet
LOT 5196042/9
Sharp electricttonic cash register w
LOT 5201848/31
Demolition hammer
LOT 5216044/40
Leeco safe with combination and 2 ke
LOT 5225357/549
40pcs Soket set
LOT 5235500/210
8 pcs. portable tool set
LOT 5245500/223
Flash light plus
LOT 5251883/21
Benq mornitor computer
LOT 52661/112
Job lot of pictures
LOT 527922/19
Job lot of glass
LOT 5281883/19
Samsung mornitor computer
LOT 5295500/215
Mini fishing rod pen
LOT 5305500/214
Gift set by Guotai
LOT 5315911/2
A pair of table lamps
LOT 53261/108
New Round Barbecue 38cm approx
LOT 5335500/224
Heavy duty motorbike lock open 5820
LOT 5344006/10
Coffee machine
LOT 535159/1146
Very strong and safe inflatable ding
LOT 5364285/91
2x The Fastest Cars Book
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