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Vintage  Ceramic Barrel  Drink Dispenser with Wooden Stand & 6 Tankard Cups.
Rose Patterned Ceramic Bowl. W.26 H.25 Cm.
A Selection of 3 Framed Monk Paintings. W.67 H.52 Cm.
A Lovely Flower Picture with Metal  Framed. W.70 H.70 Cm.
Wood and glass Nest of table H.48 L.50 D.40
Antique Burmese Display Box. W.39 D.28 H.58 Cm.
15 Mixed of Reading Books.
Painting Oil Canvas Board Backing Gilt Frames. 
W.74 H.61 Cm.
A Nice Bamboo Side Table. W.100 L.160 H.80 Cm.
A Hand Drawn Ink Picture Framed of Ganesh. W.44 H.52 Cm.
A Buddha Painting  Framed.
W.67 H.90 Cm.
5 Resin  Happy Buddhas in Box.
A Very Large Upholstered Bamboo 9 Seater Setee with 3 Coffee Tables.
Crystal Vase.
W.13 H.27 Cm.
Rare Antique Mahjong Tiles Back Bamboo Period Items
A Nice Pair of Wall Hanging Wood Carvings. 
Large W.122 H.25 Cm.
Small W.70 H.20 Cm.
Japanese Kagami Crytal Vase.
W.10 D.10 H.19 Cm.
Very Old Bronze Cloisonne Guan Ying with Stamped. H.44 Cm.
A Lovely Hand Painted Brightly Coloured Japanese Bowl. W.22 H.9 Cm.
A Penfold bin 2 wine with 2 glasses
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General Sale auctions are held every Saturday at 11.00am included cars, bikes, boats, pick-up truck etc.where you can grab a bargain.

Bidding is easy, just register prior to the auction sale and put your hand up for the item your want!

Online Live bidding available just register on our website. Items that are not sold during the auction can be bought after the auction sale or during the week. Just ask our friendly staff if you have any questions or need help.

You are welcome to come and browse anytime, the auction catalogue is available on Friday afternoon. We also hold seperate property and charity auctions and specialise in house/hotel clearance sales and on-site auctions.

Collingbourne's General Auctions in Pattaya Thailand sells antiques, collectables, memorabilia, motor cars, motorbikes, second hand goods, electrical appliances, furniture, decor, decorative items, jewellery, coins, watches, toys, model cars, pictures, prints, paintings, pottery, statues, vases, household effects & contents, computers, tools, books, etc. Goods are accepted for auction Monday to Thursday from 9am - 4pm. Payouts are the following Friday-Saturday. Come and enjoy the fun on auction day, you may pick up a bargain!

Using our Pattaya Motor Auction service is a great way to buy or sell a car, motorbike/scooter, pickup, boat, ATV, jetski or truck. We can also help with the transfers making every purchase simple!

We have an in-house pickup/delivery service at very reasonable rates; please call the Collingbourne Pattaya Auction office 038 076 234 for more details. Of course you are welcome to organise your own transport too!

There is plenty of off-street parking and our cafe is open every day (except Sunday) so you can enjoy one of Lek's delicious hamburgers, sandwiches, tea, coffee, beer or cold drinks.

We are always looking for items to sell; please give us a call! We really are the easy way to buy and sell anything; when your item is sold you will be paid within a week!

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