(+66) 092-272-0800 , (+66) 038-076-234-5
LOT 14742/91
Honda Scoopy I
LOT 2500/359
Lovely Antique telephone.Very nice f
LOT 36959/228
An antique perfect condition brass /
LOT 4500/365
Old telephone
LOT 55911/82
Set of Four Guinness toucan coffee m
LOT 66959/328
Very nice porcelain capodimonte musi
LOT 7500/371
China 3 plates with stand
LOT 8460/391
Very nice table lamp red light
LOT 96959/306
A very old hand painted satsuma vase
LOT 10460/386
English trap
LOT 116959/319
A set of 6 silver plated new coaster
LOT 12460/387
Lovely flowers vase
LOT 136959/297
A vintage charlotte rhead 1950's 12'
LOT 146959/315
An antique Japanese 30cm satsuma bal
LOT 156959/335
A very nice white gilt & green Itali
LOT 166959/323
very rare bavarian lidded vegetable
LOT 176959/307
A lovely tiger ornaments on wood sta
LOT 186678/791
Exceptional old quality necklace de
LOT 196959/270
An Antique Chinese Highly Embosses &
LOT 206959/327
A very unusual vintage hand blown wa
LOT 216471/413
Copodimonte vase with Numerous figur
LOT 226678/760
Beautiful original 19. century amazi
LOT 236471/418
Benjarong polychrome porcelain bowl
LOT 246959/311
Very heavy antique statue of god lik
LOT 25460/392
A lovely white birds decoration
LOT 266959/338
3 very nice sets of raccoons on wood
LOT 27500/363
The globe on stand Chinese language
LOT 286959/317
A beautifull fine porcelain lady dog
LOT 296959/294
A beautifull floral marquis waterfor
LOT 30500/364
Green stone boat hand made
LOT 311686/454
Silverplated 5 RM Hitler Coin with a
LOT 32348/493
Antique Beer Mug
LOT 33348/480
Pair of Faux Ivory Tusks 60 cm long
LOT 346959/247
A beautifull ladies necklace & Match
LOT 356959/223
A lovely 63cm Antique Chinese Blue &
LOT 361686/459
Late 19th C. green Jade lion
LOT 376678/790
Exceptional handmade ceremonial dagg
LOT 381686/458
16th C. Authentic Ming Dynasty Golde
LOT 39460/381
1 Touch lamp switch 3 bulbs
LOT 40500/366
Temple bell on stand
LOT 41460/389
job lot of Resin astrays
LOT 426471/411
Antique inlaid Mahogany clock & key
LOT 436959/314
A pair of fine porcelain blue & whit
LOT 44344/138
Bronze figure
LOT 45323/384
Feng Shui Chinese Fresh water river
LOT 461686/453
Jade Armring
LOT 476678/781
Pair of jade paper weights decorated
LOT 486959/341
A beautifull ladies silver chain & D
LOT 491686/457
Brown / Yellow Jade Figuring of a Ch
LOT 50348/484
Old Chinese Silver Dynasty Dragon He
LOT 516959/318
A large Chinese rearing horse & men
LOT 526959/322
2 30cm victorian black Opaline glass
LOT 536959/339
4 very nice blue & white porcelain l
LOT 54348/487
Tengu Japanese ceramic traditional M
LOT 556678/780
Pair of jade paper weights decorated
LOT 566678/768
8. Beautiful old german miniature
LOT 576471/416
Antique porcelain musical figure pla
LOT 587043/2
Antique handmade copper bowl
LOT 596959/202
A lovely old Austrian Twin handled U
LOT 60500/360
Chinese Jade stone Abacus,home made.
LOT 61348/488
English Silver Match box holder,Lond
LOT 626678/789
Beautiful ornamental 1882 incised c
LOT 63348/490
I,XL George Wostenholm Sheffield 193
LOT 64748/30
A Pair lovely Crystal Glass with St
LOT 656959/321
A lovely 33cm figurine of A ceramic
LOT 666959/274
A Chinese polychrome porcelain balus
LOT 67460/393
3Pcs coconut lamps
LOT 686678/792
German 1920th money bank share and w
LOT 696678/757
genuine 25 years faithful service s
LOT 706678/730
Good looking old handmade quality e
LOT 71348/485
Vintage Accessories wine opener,broo
LOT 725541/10
Brown and gold ceramic art deco
LOT 73348/492
Keep Calm Cappuccino set
LOT 746766/49
Resin elephant tusks
LOT 754477/92
Lovely car and boat
LOT 76500/370
Resin small 2 elephants 3 Heads
LOT 77500/369
2x Nice Tuk Tuk silver home made
LOT 78500/367
Hand made silver 2 Elephants 200 gra
LOT 796471/394
A lovely birdcage with a singing bir
LOT 80348/479
Old wood centerpieced on stand (hea
LOT 81348/474
7x figures neon genesis Evangelion
LOT 821686/460
Gold-coloured Sukhotai Buddha , prot
LOT 83348/489
A Snuff bottles
LOT 846678/785
Genuine Soviet Union large officer
LOT 856678/788
Genuine antique 19. Century Chinese
LOT 866959/342
A beautifull silver chain and antiqu
LOT 876959/331
2 very nice old cracle glaze porcela
LOT 88348/464
2X Vintage large oval meat plate han
LOT 896959/264
2 ornaments of Hok & Lok saints good
LOT 906959/325
A vintage 14inch porcelain ewer with
LOT 91460/390
8pcs plates and 4 bowls and 4 cup fr
LOT 92348/495
Western handcraved wooden cowboy bus
LOT 936959/239
Antique Sukhothai baluster Crackle g
LOT 947085/7
Ceramic Vase
LOT 956959/254
A beautiful pair of fine Chinese por
LOT 966959/334
A lovely porcelain large alsation do
LOT 976959/320
A beautifull Spanish porcelain figur
LOT 986959/326
3 lovely whithglaze porcelain swans
LOT 99348/494
Antique plaster wall plaque-Bas rel
LOT 1006678/783
Nice old handmade Tibetan knife qua
LOT 101348/491
Beautiful carving Silver pill box
LOT 102348/496
3 pcs vintage wooden handcraved scul
LOT 1035521/80
Collection of Antique
LOT 1046959/340
A lovely red&gold hand painted ornam
LOT 1056959/284
A very nice twin handle Limoges balu
LOT 1066471/422
Pair of cupid Candlearba
LOT 1071686/455
Dark-green Jade Tablet Pendant, Carv
LOT 108348/483
Vintage Stratton Men's Gold Tone rea
LOT 1096941/1
19th Khmer Meditating Buddha Seated
LOT 1105541/17
2X Australain plates (Melbourne) 24k
LOT 1116959/295
A beautifull embossed heavy lead cry
LOT 1126959/298
A beautifull very heavy marble & por
LOT 113344/139
Shell coral
LOT 114500/374
2x wooden Horses
LOT 1156959/332
A brand new large bulbous hand paint
LOT 1166959/299
A gorgeous Murano glass vase - Kame
LOT 1176471/421
Pair of English Chinese gold Plates
LOT 1185541/9
Pair of Champagne glass in box
LOT 1195541/16
2x Coffee Cups
LOT 1206959/324
A beautifull old limited edition por
LOT 1216959/227
An old vintage Chinese Polychrome tu
LOT 1226959/312
Set of 5 cups & saucers depicting Gr
LOT 123348/486
Beautifull Vintage brooches
LOT 1246959/289
A gents stainless steel hip flask in
LOT 1256959/293
Telescopic fishing rod reel & box of
LOT 126237/84
Beautiful massive quality bronze nap
LOT 1271686/450
Merz + Krell Ballpen
LOT 1281686/451
Gold+ Coloured " CROSS" Ballpen
LOT 129500/375
pocket watch
LOT 130323/385
18CT Gold Chinese jade ring
LOT 1316471/423
Pair of Chinese Horne and 4 small st
LOT 132500/373
12 10b Thai Bank note
LOT 133348/446
Piaget men watch
LOT 134913/416
Original TW steel mans watch
LOT 1357068/4
Emporio Armani black and silver dres
LOT 1366959/148
A very nice Gents wristwatce made fo
LOT 1376959/278
A very nice gents Quartz Aolv new wa
LOT 1386959/142
A Gents elasticated strap Perlex wat
LOT 1392165/95
Men watch
LOT 1407068/3
Original sport watch automatic never
LOT 1412207/1017
7 of Turquoise Gemstone pendant
LOT 142913/425
Longines watch
LOT 143913/424
Crystal wine stopper
LOT 144313/301
Marc Jacob Men Watch
LOT 145313/299
Marc Jacob lady watch
LOT 146313/300
Casio Edifice men watch
LOT 1476959/213
A beautifull ladies 18carat yellow g
LOT 1486959/214
A beautifull ladies 9 carat white go
LOT 149500/323
56 Pink Diamonds Earring 9 carat, 1
LOT 150500/376
Original Breitling Men Watch
LOT 1512207/1019
Kyanite gemstone pendant
LOT 1526678/779
Beautiful ring decorated with Buddha
LOT 1532207/1018
Silver ring with ruby gemstones
LOT 1542207/1020
Silver with gemstone pendant
LOT 1557085/42
LG plasma 50inc with remote
LOT 1567085/8
Garden Lady statue
LOT 1577085/43
Samsung LCD 32'inc with remote
LOT 1585541/8
Limited edition gold fish bone China
LOT 1596766/61
Wooden carved legged table with gree
LOT 160348/447
Leather jewelry box& Lady handbag.
LOT 161913/422
2x cups Disney and 3x cup and basket
LOT 1622686/5
Brown L shaped sofa Size W200xL290cm
LOT 1631967/69
Cream round coffee table with 2 chai
LOT 1641967/73
Wooden cabinet with drawer
LOT 165348/468
6 Embossed unpainted decorative hard
LOT 1667033/103
Wooden table (51)41×81×86cm
LOT 1671876/14
Upright grand piano
LOT 16883/461
4x brown mask
LOT 16983/460
13x wooden art
LOT 1704329/62
Chinese cabinet with dawers
LOT 1716959/149
A Lovely pair of Henri II Style Oak
LOT 1726959/329
A bronze table lamp with circulating
LOT 1736959/271
A very nice vintage Table light
LOT 174323/383
Annemarie mangler original oil paint
LOT 1756959/303
brand new boxed 9 piece tool kit ide
LOT 1766959/308
Avengers collectibles captain americ
LOT 17783/468
10x bamboo ducks
LOT 1787078/7
Teakwood Coffee glass top 75x110x50c
LOT 1796959/337
A brand new 8 piece endura tool kit
LOT 1806959/336
A brand new endura top Quality 25 pi
LOT 1815541/19
Gold fish art deco bone China
LOT 1826559/4
A pair of art deco table lamps
LOT 1837078/2
Teakwood Dining Table with 8 Chairs
LOT 1841952/64
8 boxes job lof of misc
LOT 1856959/304
A brand new 80"x60" cm art glass des
LOT 1867072/2
3 Seater sofa
LOT 18758/249
Long Black leather Sofa
LOT 1886959/313
Mio star easy clean deep fat fryer c
LOT 1896959/310
A brand new cocoru electric lunch bo
LOT 190348/470
Pack 12 of DVDs Movies
LOT 191348/472
Pack 12 of DVDs Movies
LOT 192348/471
Pack 12 of DVDs Movies
LOT 193348/473
Pack 13 of DVDs Movies
LOT 1946959/316
Vintage van GOGH copy of painting pa
LOT 1955521/83
Heavy bronze Boat propeller
LOT 1967085/31
Job lot of kitchenware
LOT 197348/467
Rio de trio village kid toy set.
LOT 1982371/53
Zebra ceramic pan
LOT 1996180/20
Zinsano high pressure washer
LOT 2007085/45
Cash register
LOT 2012371/52
Kettle Dualit
LOT 2026959/330
Brown & beige leather crash helmet u
LOT 2034477/87
Tefal juices ( new )
LOT 2046959/259
3 New boxed pairs of glass cups & sa
LOT 2054477/88
Bicycle Accessories
LOT 2066180/38
Bushnell Binoculars
LOT 2072564/404
50+ Video CD's - Thai Language + All
LOT 2087085/18
Casio electronic cash register new i
LOT 2094394/47
Job lot of gift shop items
LOT 21083/472
2x cats and fish set stand
LOT 2115541/18
kids Mat
LOT 2123124/21
Full Garden set. Two settees, two si
LOT 213913/423
Job lot of misc
LOT 2142487/75
Job lot of books
LOT 2155911/80
An allmost new proressional unicorn
LOT 2164477/91
Job lot of books
LOT 2175541/14
2 Pictures and cross stitch
LOT 2187043/3
Pair of Tapestry in frame
LOT 2194477/89
Diving equipment
LOT 2204329/59
Honda Water Pump
LOT 221348/469
9pcs Down lights
LOT 222348/460
Job lot of Carpet, typewriter and Ni
LOT 2237085/34
2x Ceiling Fan
LOT 2241996/21
Been bag
LOT 2256593/136
Two Grandfather Chairs cream fabric,
LOT 2265541/12
Kids house toy
LOT 2272165/85
Kids bike
LOT 2287078/5
Teakwood TV Cabinet 60x164x80cm
LOT 2297078/3
Large wooden Wardrobe 55x196x213cm
LOT 2305541/11
2x slidder kids
LOT 2314477/90
Weight equipment
LOT 2325662/10
Small Black cabinet with 2 doors
LOT 23364/282
Comos plastic swimming pool 127x48cm
LOT 2341952/66
Clothes rack
LOT 2353366/45
Saijo Denki Air con 36000 BTU with R
LOT 2367085/33
2x Ceiling Fans
LOT 2374477/93
Job lot of misc
LOT 2381967/71
Mirror with white frame
LOT 2394673/7
Dining Table with 4 Chairs
LOT 24083/467
6x Wall art
LOT 2412713/10
LOT 2427085/17
2x bar stools
LOT 2433283/38
Glass tables with 2 chairs
LOT 2443283/37
wooden Square Table with glass
LOT 24583/464
3x big Owls mask
LOT 2467033/62
Couch and armchair
LOT 2477085/40
Samsung LCD 40inc with remote
LOT 2481967/70
Wooden Table with glass with small c
LOT 24983/471
2 cats and 4x wall arts
LOT 250242/105
Large Fan
LOT 25183/462
4x brown mask
LOT 2521952/68
box of misc
LOT 253348/482
49 pcs cushion seat covers
LOT 2546959/333
A large house worth almost new elect
LOT 25583/466
3x 1M dot masks and 2x Giant masks
LOT 25683/465
2x cats and 2x owl set
LOT 25783/469
10x bamboo ducks
LOT 2583283/44
Wooden Coffee table with 2 chairs of
LOT 259500/372
Wooden Elephent Head
LOT 2602371/51
Hitachi MP3 , DVD with remote
LOT 2614673/5
Dressing Table with Stool
LOT 262460/388
3x suitcase
LOT 2637085/14
Table with 3 chairs
LOT 26483/470
4x sea horse set and 4x model mini g
LOT 265500/357
New starlight telescope
LOT 266344/142
A pair of wood decoration
LOT 2677033/71
Small Dining table (40)
LOT 2686766/64
6 Oakwood chairs signed Gillows Engl
LOT 2697029/4
Antique sideboard open top with draw
LOT 2701686/449
Late C19th stone Bust of a Khmer war
LOT 2717029/3
Oak Wooden Chest 55x115x55cm
LOT 2727033/85
Pair of Chairs (77)
LOT 2737033/43
Pair of antique chairs (69)
LOT 2745374/34
Oak Table 40x60x67cm
LOT 2757033/102
Antique Chair (78)
LOT 2761967/67
White Sofa
LOT 2775374/35
Wooden Table 52x52x55cm
LOT 2786766/50
Pair of Carved Columns in teakwood
LOT 2796738/279
Wooden painted screen
LOT 2806766/52
Large very heavy Buddha sitting lacq
LOT 2816766/62
Chest England mid of 19th cent 83*18
LOT 2826997/34
2x Rose wood fold up side tables 72*
LOT 2836766/53
Buddha with naga wood 14/15th cent 4
LOT 2847072/3
Large Wooden Coffee table 139cm x139
LOT 2856766/51
Avalakitesvara Bronze 48*26*102*14cm
LOT 2866766/63
Partners desk mahogany Georgian Engl
LOT 2877033/100
Oak sideboard with drawers and 1 key
LOT 2887033/107
Oak Bureau cabinet (14)
LOT 2891967/68
Wooden Small table with drawer
LOT 2901952/63
Home train For bike
LOT 2917085/3
Recliner armchair
LOT 292348/478
3 pcs Old timber decoration on stand
LOT 2937033/44
Oak Sideboard 47x170x125cm
LOT 2947085/1
Grey Sofa
LOT 2957085/15
Office chair
LOT 2967085/52
Office chair
LOT 2977085/2
Garden Outdoor chair
LOT 2986990/11
Oil painted on canvas 74x104cm
LOT 2992537/326
Nice picture 60x85cm
LOT 3007088/1
Antique Showcase gun
LOT 3014477/94
Job log of Picture
LOT 3026990/8
King Rama 5 painting framed 68x90cm
LOT 303500/316
Wooden Wall clock
LOT 3042713/12
Wooden style Console table 72x35cm H
LOT 30583/459
4x African mask
LOT 30683/458
10x mask
LOT 3071967/72
wooden dressing table with mirror
LOT 30883/457
4x African masks
LOT 309344/141
Wooden decorations
LOT 3107085/10
Table lamp
LOT 3116990/12
Oil painted on canvas 67x57cm
LOT 3124329/60
Wooden carved Mirror frame
LOT 3137085/12
Ping sofa
LOT 3147085/16
2x black armchairs
LOT 3157085/11
Red sofa
LOT 3166479/40
Persian Floral Design from Afghanist
LOT 3176479/36
Persian Floral Design from Afghanist
LOT 3186479/38
Persian Floral Design from Iran 147x
LOT 3196479/33
Persian Floral Design from Shirvan 1
LOT 3206479/32
Persian Floral Design from Kilm 148x
LOT 3216479/37
Persian Floral Design from Iran 140x
LOT 3226479/39
Persian Floral Design from Afghanist
LOT 323344/140
A carpet 175x150cm
LOT 324344/136
Carpet 125*185 cm
LOT 3253766/18
A carpet handmade from Iran
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