(+66) 092-272-0800 , (+66) 038-076-234-5
LOT 16464/13
LOT 25544/5
LOT 38001/71
LOT 48041/1
LOT 57707/114
Stainless steel Tray Rack Cart.
LOT 67737/146
3X Tall Wooden Chair
LOT 77737/147
4X Tall Wooden Chair
LOT 87737/148
2x Wooden tables.
LOT 97737/149
6 Small Wooden Chair.
LOT 107737/66
SHELL Oil Barrel decoration.
LOT 117737/67
Gulf Oil Barrel decoration.
LOT 127552/7
Sliding Door.
LOT 137968/18
Steel Small Table. W.75 L.115 H. 4
LOT 148013/4
Coffee Table Top Glass. W.70 L.100
LOT 157995/3
Dining Table (W.100 L.100 H.75 Cm.)w
LOT 163108/19
Exercise Machine.
LOT 177546/3
V-Tech Cross Trainer Machine.
LOT 185704/2
"SUPREME"Blue Bicycle
LOT 193516/11
Red Bicycle.
LOT 20686/19
Dinning Table L.150 W.85 Cm.H.74 Cm.
LOT 217737/99
16x Mannequins
LOT 226028/89
Red Leather Chair.
LOT 237491/52
Golf Set.
LOT 247402/19
A Mirror
LOT 254560/47
Angle Grinder(new).
LOT 264713/17
60 Thai & English Classic Tapes.
LOT 273784/204
Golf Bag+ small bag.
LOT 281454/134
Hitachi Refrigerator
LOT 29846/10
Audio Subwoofer.
LOT 302218/6
5 Plastic Items.
LOT 312398/65
Electric Oven
LOT 325981/46
A Helmat
LOT 337300/20
Wooden Coffer. W.48 L.92 H.65 cm.
LOT 347737/52
MITSUBISHI Blue Diamond TV.1960
LOT 357434/10
Oil Painting on Canvas . W. 123 L.
LOT 361454/135
2x Book Shelves. W.42 D.39 H.118 Cm
LOT 377358/50
Iron Board with lot of clothes hange
LOT 381454/136
White Wardrobe with Wheel. W.135 D.5
LOT 397365/18
A Dolphins Pictures. W.60 H.88 Cm.
LOT 406599/38
Rolling Frabric 6966y
LOT 417398/19
A carpet brand ADUM 133x195(4'4"x6
LOT 423535/28
Eagle oil Painting on canvase 55x96c
LOT 431459/33
Overboard with charge
LOT 445981/73
Oil Painting on canvas 100x100cm
LOT 453535/32
Oil painting on can vase 80x100cm
LOT 467398/17
A carpet brand herrup (83x195)cm.
LOT 477576/2
LEXMARK Printer.
LOT 485053/37
Wooden cabinet 48x121x60cm
LOT 4961/180
AJ Music system and Speakers
LOT 507398/6
2x large mirror H100x80cm.
LOT 515981/70
Job lot tins and one picture
LOT 522900/40
Cool Baby playpen Brand new Boxed
LOT 536464/146
A Job Lot of Glassware and Tea Light
LOT 542180/4
Ceiling lights
LOT 558011/11
Samsung Touch Screen
LOT 561686/964
Fellowes office Suites Monitor Stand
LOT 571705/11
Baby Car Seat.
LOT 582218/5
A Pair of Roller Blade.
LOT 59846/12
Mitsubishi Projector.
LOT 601340/9
X'Mas Tree 7 Feet
LOT 612218/9
A Job Lot of Mixed Items.
LOT 622537/337
2x Smart Camera
LOT 637737/136
1 Volkswagen Vintage Beetle Bug 10"
LOT 647426/2
NETGEAR Nighthawk EX7700 – AC2200
LOT 651977/29
HP Deskjet 2333 Printer.
LOT 667968/9
A Pair of Clarte Air Purifiers (only
LOT 672373/791
Light Box.W.122 H.30 D.7 Cm.(new)
LOT 687707/2
COOL single door bottle fridge
LOT 697865/15
4x Lotus Oil Canvas with Gilt Framed
LOT 706599/116
Edwardian Chairs.
LOT 713784/165
Wooden Chair.
LOT 727603/1166
Georgian County Chair. Ref.57 B.6
LOT 736464/62
LOT 746599/113
4x Dining Chairs.
LOT 756464/36
Old Samsung TV with Remote.
LOT 7683/572
Water heater new. not work
LOT 777434/17
Casio- Cash Register with key.
LOT 783992/147
Wabble Board.
LOT 797968/32
Electric Stanley Saw
LOT 807603/2230
Walnut Nest of Table. Large W.40 L.
LOT 816148/30
DVD Player & Epson Scanner.
LOT 826464/109
A Large Collection of China and Glas
LOT 833552/37
PHILIPS Coffee Machine
LOT 841898/265
Job Lot of ornaments
LOT 858011/18
Samsung Stereo Home Theater.
LOT 865704/3
3x Door Locks.
LOT 877512/16
CAMERA Vehicle Seat Guard (never use
LOT 886464/108
A Large Selection of Thai Style Cand
LOT 896464/145
A Selection of Lamps.
LOT 904223/2
Chinese Traditonal Style Tea Cup
LOT 917427/14
4 × wooden carved elephant wall dec
LOT 925943/18
"SHARK" Hardwood Floor Cleaner.(work
LOT 935943/19
Electrolux Vacuum Cleaner.
LOT 947339/147
3 Pictures of Lovely Water Coloured.
LOT 953552/25
2 pair of Boots. ( Brown & BLack ) S
LOT 967358/35
3pcs oil painted on canvas
LOT 97846/11
Audio Subwoofer.
LOT 987339/250
Job Lot of Mixed Items.
LOT 991779/57
" SUNMED " An Advance Laser Therapy
LOT 1007337/111
Royal bone China 28 pieces of Tea po
LOT 1014119/1
Yuwell 7E-A Portable Phlegm Suction
LOT 1027398/14
Job lot 6x light bulbs
LOT 1037603/1675
Dressing Table Stool. W.28 L.47 H.
LOT 1044560/46
Fashion Man Shoes. Size 42"
LOT 1058001/78
High Quality Ladies Sport Shoes. (Ne
LOT 1067673/74
2x Izusu Priver + Passenger Head Res
LOT 1077318/1
Generator ( need to check, no guaran
LOT 1082218/11
3x 24 Volt Electric Motors. Very Slo
LOT 109919/52
Handmade Surin Souvenir Picture. W.
LOT 1102218/7
A Pair of G Clamps and A Small Pucce
LOT 1117597/60
Wooden Hand Carved and Glass Frame.
LOT 1127603/1625
Tapestry Screen. W.54 H.81 Cm. Re
LOT 1137603/1159
Oak Framed Screen. W.60 H.86 Cm.
LOT 1142716/51
Stainless Steel Deep Fryers Electric
LOT 1153108/15
"A.J " Speaker Model: HS-136 with re
LOT 1167603/2195
TV Cabinet. W.77 D.44 H.36 Cm. Ref
LOT 1177603/1350
Leather Suitcase. W. 17 L. 65 H. 37
LOT 1187603/2097
Magazine Rack. W.47 D.17 H.46 Cm.
LOT 1197968/5
4 Dining Chairs. (Need to repair)
LOT 1206464/72
A Long Pair of Wall Hanging Thai Pic
LOT 1217603/2167
Side Chair. Ref.173 B.10
LOT 1227603/2182
Oak Hall Chair. Ref.202 B.10
LOT 1237510/591
6x Picture Ref 358 B.2
LOT 1246599/99
4 Mid Century Dining Chairs.
LOT 1256148/35
Oak Magazine Rack.
LOT 1266599/94
Carved Oak Table (W.76 L.150 H.77 Cm
LOT 1278011/27
LG Blu-ray 3D Player with Remote Con
LOT 1286954/11
Hand-knotted carpet.size 3.10×5.90
LOT 1292218/8
A Job Lot of Cogs and Wheels.
LOT 1307339/110
A Large amount of DVD's.
LOT 1318020/3
Nano Speaker Set with Remote.
LOT 1326599/130
"CUIZIMATE" Coffee Machine.
LOT 1337339/77
AUPS Unit.
LOT 1342218/12
A Large Selection of Rubber Mounting
LOT 1357737/127
4x Hanging Lamps with Remote.
LOT 1367339/143
A Framed Fabric Picture of A Dragon.
LOT 1375655/2
Pink Bag Lady Right Hand Golf Set.
LOT 1385555/1052
Saturn fire extinguisher 15 lb.
LOT 1394479/27
LOT 1406678/1003
2x old painting
LOT 1413784/144
Kumas At-525 Weed Trimmer Electrica
LOT 1423784/143
Kumas At-525 Weed Trimmer Electrica
LOT 1437282/3
Kids bed 160x66x77cm, good conditio
LOT 1441606/6
Black Wood table with glass top W.7
LOT 1457491/63
Job Lot of Tapes & CD.
LOT 1467339/206
A Small Handkhotted Runner. L.155 W
LOT 1477968/17
Vacuum Cleaner "National MC-4620" (w
LOT 1488001/82
Drill box set with 2 Rechargeable Ba
LOT 1495555/1019
A rattan decorated glass topped dini
LOT 1508001/80
Baseball Bat Alloy Steel Stick.
LOT 1517491/48
Cool Box.
LOT 1527590/4
LOT 1532295/67
Outside Table with 2 Chairs.
LOT 1547737/30
Ralph Brand Wall Clock. W.34 cm.
LOT 1556464/32
A Large Wooden Carved Wall Mirror.
LOT 1567962/34
Sofa Bed. Brand " Stone&Steel " "P
LOT 1577962/35
Sofa Bed Queen Size. Brand "Serta"
LOT 1588006/1
Samsung LCD TV 32" with Remote Contr
LOT 1597339/205
A Lovely Hand Khotted Carpet. L.210
LOT 1607968/3
A White Glass Topped Dining Table. W
LOT 1617603/236
Tapestry Picture with Frame Ref.14
LOT 1625374/112
A Wooden Cocktail Cabinet.
LOT 1636645/26
6 Wooden Chairs.
LOT 164527/14
Dining Table with 4x Chairs.
LOT 1653535/30
A Women oil painting on canvase 36x5
LOT 1667339/183
A Nice Uplighter.(working)
LOT 1674240/49
LOT 1687339/70
Carved Wooden Panel. H.30 W.60 Cm.
LOT 1697339/213
A Nice Pair of Teak Side Cupboard wi
LOT 1708001/81
3 Large Wooden Boxes.
LOT 1717483/183
CD Rack.
LOT 1727339/208
A Large Brightly Coloured Hand Khott
LOT 1731698/22
Large Hard Bag
LOT 1744412/226
2x Carved Wooden Wall Decor. W.45 Cm
LOT 1755075/685
A Lovely Oil Painting. W.102 H.70
LOT 1766464/16
A Sitting Wooden of "Hindu Lady" Sta
LOT 1775358/4
Small Oxygen tank on trolley
LOT 1785358/3
Small Oxygen tank on trolley
LOT 1795358/2
Medium size Oxygen tank on trolley
LOT 1801340/12
A Pair Hard Wood Panels. W.35 H.90
LOT 1815555/1102
5x Cage Basket bait lure Weight
LOT 1824412/223
7x Carved Wooden Wall Decor. W.20 Cm
LOT 183527/11
Computer Table with Shelf W.114 D.60
LOT 1844412/224
4x Carved Wooden Wall Decor. W.30 Cm
LOT 1856464/17
A Plated Wooden Quilted Box. W.53 D
LOT 1867603/2127
Magazine Rack. W.50 D.24 H.50 Cm.
LOT 1876464/149
A Brown Modern 60s Table Lamp. H 55
LOT 1886464/44
A Large Ceramic Table Lamp. W.40 H.
LOT 1894412/225
2x Carved Wooden Wall Decor. W.45 Cm
LOT 19058/320
Lamp Flexible Warhead Metal.
LOT 1916964/48
Table Lamp.(working) W.50 H.69 Cm.
LOT 1927246/275
A large Buddha picture
LOT 1937100/13
2x Wooden Madecine Box. W.44 D.18
LOT 1947603/1161
Oak Framed Screen. W.44 H.66 Cm.
LOT 1955075/684
A Lovely Oil Painting. W.102 H.70
LOT 1965555/1155
2 set of beautiful cosmetic bags and
LOT 1976464/35
A Lovely Large Carved Chinese Coffee
LOT 1985555/1174
2 Pack of beatiful pink bed cover sh
LOT 1995555/1151
4x satin round pillow case embroide
LOT 2005555/1162
The Kuan Yin Transmission oracle car
LOT 2015555/1161
6x Art craft and Painting books
LOT 2022398/64
Plastic Outdoor Table and 2 Chairs.(
LOT 2038020/1
Brown Febric Sofa with Wood Leg. W.1
LOT 2047117/406
Professional Skateboard (new).
LOT 2057339/203
A Lovely Hand Khotted Rug. L.145 W.
LOT 2067491/75
6x Swivel Armchairs.
LOT 2075358/5
Wheelchair with Oxygen bottle
LOT 2085358/6
Yuwell oxygen concentrator machine
LOT 2095358/1
Large Oxygen tank on trolley
LOT 2104412/227
Lounge Chair Black Leather.
LOT 2116464/78
A Nice Framed Nude Painting Italian
LOT 2126081/40
3 pieces of H8 PLUS Octa Core Androi
LOT 2137491/71
2 boxes of door lock. News
LOT 2146464/31
A Cream Wall Hanging Wooden Carved B
LOT 2158001/93
3 In 1 (Hair Clipper / Shaver / Nose
LOT 2163992/148
Plastic Wheel Roller.
LOT 2173737/192
30x DVD Movie
LOT 2186081/39
5 pieces of HD Network Video Recorde
LOT 2197134/34
Blue lamp
LOT 2207737/35
Recycle Terminator. H.55 cm.
LOT 2217117/431
Professional Knife set with 2 Stage
LOT 2223737/204
13x DVD Movies.
LOT 2233737/223
Job Lot of DVD&CD Movies and Song.
LOT 2243737/201
30x DVD Movies.
LOT 2253737/202
30x DVD Movies.
LOT 2263737/207
30x DVD Movies.
LOT 2273737/203
30x DVD Movies.
LOT 2287728/6
Japanese Box with 2x Japanese Tray
LOT 2297491/72
SKG Multimedia Speaker System.
LOT 2305911/302
LED Emergency Light
LOT 2317728/7
3x Japanese Lunch Boxs
LOT 2325911/300
LED Emergency Light
LOT 2335911/299
LED Emergency Light
LOT 2345911/301
LED Emergency Light
LOT 2357491/74
Job Lot of Artificial Plant and Orch
LOT 2363954/11
Vase With Art Flowers
LOT 2376464/140
4x Wooden Chinese Babies Girls Door
LOT 2387603/1788
Vintage Sewing Machine. W.22 H.29
LOT 2396464/30
2x Woodens Thai Hand on Base. W.35 D
LOT 2407737/29
Day - Date Wall Clock. 18x26 H.42
LOT 2415555/1140
A Wooden Ship Model.. W.53 H.44 Cm.
LOT 2426464/143
A Small Wooden Black and Gilded Recl
LOT 243223/83
Old Brass Hindu Buddha Gilded Figur
LOT 2447968/21
5x Small Thai Carved Wood Table. W.3
LOT 2457491/62
A silver plated card tray in box 19.
LOT 246116/86
13X Records of Classic Song ( Englis
LOT 2474742/296
1950s Vintage Style Telephone Works
LOT 2487737/132
Dewar's White Label Ice Bucket and T
LOT 2492398/24
3x Pictures
LOT 2507962/6
Thai Betel Nut with Tray. W.30 H.23
LOT 2517603/1486
A Pair of Brass Candle Sticks. Damag
LOT 2521779/94
Vintage Pewter & Brass Duck.
LOT 2535555/1168
A vtg. Handcrated camel bone oval tr
LOT 25464/1251
Glass Plate with Stand. W.29Cm.
LOT 2553992/142
Japanese plates
LOT 256875/14
A Large 37 cm. Hand Painted Vase Min
LOT 2576263/6
White bowl with lid
LOT 2584041/3
Rare Chinese Air Force Model J-10
LOT 2597328/57
2pcs ceramic plates
LOT 260460/757
18pcs DVDV music
LOT 2617889/54
Mini Keyboard.
LOT 2627548/14
" CHIRCHILL " A Porcelain Teacup.
LOT 2637603/686
Beau Monde Cordelia Coalport. H.13 C
LOT 2647584/5
Japanese god Daikokuten by Kutani.15
LOT 2657246/302
Digital clock
LOT 2667337/277
A Large Japanese Blue& White Plate.
LOT 2677100/8
Blue & White Japanese Dish. W.36 Cm
LOT 2687483/101
Angel painting
LOT 26940/291
Russian sport camera "Kiev" 1960 yea
LOT 2706599/110
Lorna Doone Antique Book and A 1866
LOT 2717375/29
LOT 2727491/65
King Rama5 Sculpture. W.9 D.20 H.35
LOT 2737491/68
A Wooden Carriages Clock. W.23 D.15
LOT 2747491/70
Old Tall Glass H.32 Cm. and lovely P
LOT 2757358/27
6pcs Sexy poster of ladies with sig
LOT 2767603/1149
6x Nice Silver Plated on Copper Japa
LOT 2777491/69
A Lovely Old Mixing Bowl with Blacks
LOT 2781967/102
Gentle Spray Anti-Bark Collar.
LOT 2793784/193
3x Blue And White Plates Holder.
LOT 2807491/59
Moorcroft style Decorative vase
LOT 2817491/64
A Lovely Girl and Lady Figurines. H.
LOT 2824325/91
Porcelain Chinese Lady Figures. W.10
LOT 2837491/61
Temple bell
LOT 2844599/176
Small silver rooster head
LOT 2857337/255
Small Green Chinese Tea Pot.
LOT 2867951/7
Small Japanese Tea Pot.
LOT 2873600/310
Group of Three Clay Figurines ,Siam
LOT 288913/502
Pottery Elephant and Rickshaw
LOT 2893270/1227
Large Centerpiece Bowl Signed Waterf
LOT 2907491/66
A Ceramic Mary Has A Little Lamp. H
LOT 2913225/2000
Lovely porcelain flora jug with lid
LOT 2927491/67
A Lovely Lady Sitting on a Log. W.18
LOT 2931898/261
Job Lot of Chinese Happy Buddha, 1 B
LOT 2941779/92
Jewelry box Inlaid
LOT 2957737/12
Japanese Montage.
LOT 2967491/60
Chinese Blue plate of mountain range
LOT 2977337/281
A Square Blue & White Japanese Plat
LOT 2987460/1
Indian porcupine heavily inlaid stat
LOT 2992373/461
LOT 3005555/1146
The Beethoven Sonata Society, Volume
LOT 3017339/210
A Nice Bamboo Side Table. W.100 L.16
LOT 3026464/59
A Lovely Pair of Metal Candle Sticks
LOT 3037246/373
Old Norwegian Brown Leather Bag.
LOT 3046149/3
Famous Bodhi Lotus Tree Picture. W.
LOT 3057962/28
The scenes of Thai ancient art. Pain
LOT 3066959/1632
A Beautiful Brand New 59x33 Cm. 3 Li
LOT 3077737/106
Fiber Glass SHELL Sign. H.39 cm.
LOT 3086599/103
Red Motorcycle Tank.
LOT 3098024/24
10 Antique Car Models.
LOT 3105075/683
Woodcarving statue of Garuda & Nagas
LOT 3117337/89
Antique brass Jam bowl large 22cm Ci
LOT 3127337/90
Antique brass Jam bowl large 27cm Ci
LOT 3135686/61
3x Small Chinese Blue and White Tea
LOT 3147603/1043
Minton China Tea Set. Ref.195 B.6
LOT 3157603/919
5 Fern Trios Cup ,Saucers, Plates.
LOT 3167603/1301
18x Cauldon Tea Set. Ref.279 B.7
LOT 3177603/1691
19 pcs.Tea Service. Ref.183 B.8
LOT 3187603/1811
Vintage Tea Set Ref.174 B.9
LOT 3196464/96
A Set of 3 Wooden Wall Hangers. W.62
LOT 3201686/971
Jewelry Cabinet with Ca. 20 Pieces
LOT 3217737/41
Replica Model Gas Pump.
LOT 3226623/2
Silver plated 6x water cups with vel
LOT 32364/1215
African Relief Stone Portrait. W.26
LOT 3246464/51
A Pair of Ceramic Hand Painted Frame
LOT 3256464/92
4 Long Contemporary Wall Hangers Ver
LOT 3266464/64
A Pair Ceramic of Hand Painted Pictu
LOT 32764/1269
Dark Blue Vase. H.30 Cm.
LOT 3287968/24
2x Wrought Iron Decrations.
LOT 32964/1286
Wooden Happy Buddha. W.49 H.22 Cm.
LOT 3307737/31
HARLEY-DAVIDSON Wall Clock. W.25 c
LOT 3317128/4
4x blue crystal glasses
LOT 3327128/2
Blue glass flared vase
LOT 3337339/141
A Tall of 2 Blue and White Vases.H.3
LOT 3347491/56
Art Deco Couple Sculptures. H.37 Cm
LOT 3356992/160
Blue & white Chinese Vase
LOT 33664/1278
Crystal Bowl. W. 27 Cm.
LOT 3376599/112
A set of 10 George Bernard Shaw Play
LOT 33864/1288
3 Crystal Glasses +Tray
LOT 3396959/1322
A light green with various applied c
LOT 3406464/115
A Pair of Japanese Lady Figure Deca
LOT 34164/1243
Crystal Vase. H.28 Cm.
LOT 34264/1201
Crystal Vase. W.13 H.27 Cm.
LOT 3437128/6
A very nice hand painted vase
LOT 3445686/60
Chinese Blue & White Porcelain Bowl
LOT 3458024/25
10 Antique Car Models.
LOT 3465555/1175
A vtg. pair of japanese floral hand
LOT 3477117/429
A Pair of Brass & Bronze Peacocks. L
LOT 3484599/504
A Cover Cut Glass Box With Handle
LOT 3497128/8
A very nice hand painted vase
LOT 3505555/1166
Elvis Presley porcelain whiskey dec
LOT 3517491/57
A Lovely Blue Vase. H.26 Cm.
LOT 352875/38
Large Ginger Jar with Lid.
LOT 3538001/91
Vintage Classic German Clock. W. Cm.
LOT 3548024/23
10 Antique Car Models.
LOT 3557426/22
TANG Dynasty Fat Lady Silver Plated
LOT 3565686/59
A Lovely Floral Porcelain Lamp. H.5
LOT 3577117/437
Coffee Grinder(new)
LOT 3583270/839
Large Serving Plate Signed Waterford
LOT 3597603/376
Vintage French Coffee Table Ref 13
LOT 3608001/77
Book of Mixed International Coins.
LOT 3617117/432
Small Vintage Bronze Standing Buddha
LOT 3624329/96
Antique Silver Filigree Ship Model i
LOT 3636028/541
2x Antique Brass Naked Men Sculpture
LOT 3646028/543
A Brass Girl Reading Book Sculpture.
LOT 3658001/95
African Djembe Drum Colorful Cloth A
LOT 3667328/10
A Picture in gilt frame
LOT 36764/1272
Small Table with Drawer. W.50 D.50
LOT 3685555/1144
A large old Chinese famille rose ha
LOT 3695555/1167
3B Scientific Human Skull Model on
LOT 3706464/137
Door stop wooden sleeping Baby. W.40
LOT 3717458/13
three Candlesticks one set.
LOT 3728001/65
Large Imari Ashtray. W.25 Cm.
LOT 3734742/303
An Old ceramic bowl stand blue-white
LOT 3748001/84
Colorful LED Beauty Mask (new)
LOT 3755555/1171
Mats Jonasson 3D lead crystal Squarr
LOT 37664/1281
Canon Camera.
LOT 3778001/83
Binoculars by Cannon (new)
LOT 3781489/14
Bule And White Tea Pot.
LOT 3798024/9
Large French Pendulum Clock with A
LOT 3807491/51
An Old Antique Bottle with Lid. W.1
LOT 38133/313
A Black pen in case
LOT 3828024/22
10 Antique Car Models.
LOT 3833784/176
Acrylic Candelabra.
LOT 3845555/1145
An Italian sculpture "Back from the
LOT 3857603/918
Large Aynsley Vase 1970 . Ref.219 B
LOT 3867337/186
A Fibre Figure of A Lady. H.26 Cm.
LOT 3877603/57
2x Glass Selection and 1x Cognac Gla
LOT 3885555/1150
A Vtg. 1950s Bamboo Slide Rule, 6 I
LOT 3897603/1715
13 pcs.Bounemouth Tea Service. Ref
LOT 3905686/62
Chinese Blue & White Porcelain Bowl
LOT 3916464/110
An Old Chinese Blue And White Pot wi
LOT 3925555/1149
A beautiful glass jewelry box.
LOT 3935555/1172
Vtg. Satin Spar Selenite Love birds
LOT 3947989/5
Brass Art Ware. W. 17 Cm.
LOT 39564/1247
5 French Brandy Glasses.
LOT 3967458/20
A ceramic imari peacock.
LOT 3978001/66
2 Small Chinese Jade Hong Shan Cultu
LOT 3987117/430
4 High Quality Gemstone Bracelets.
LOT 3995555/1173
2x Flasks.
LOT 4002203/5
Nikon Speedlight SB-900
LOT 4016678/1078
Long USA Bayonet 1942. L.52 Cm.
LOT 4027117/428
Old Chinese Lucky Ornament with Bras
LOT 4034011/8
Jewelry Wooden Box. W.28 D.19 H.14
LOT 4046464/136
A Nice Couple of White Vases. H.40,2
LOT 4058001/86
Box of High Quantity Ladies Earring
LOT 4067339/68
Iron Candle Holder. H.100 Cm.
LOT 407373/8
TV GUIDE cover Portrait 1987
LOT 408373/9
TV GUIDE cover Portrait 1986 with Si
LOT 4097615/1
Bed and Mattress
LOT 4107889/1
Queen Size Wooden Bed.
LOT 4111454/102
6 ft. bed with mattress and 2 bedsid
LOT 4125695/23
Bed topper and Lower Bed King Size
LOT 4137491/49
A King Size Mattress.
LOT 414128/133
Bedding Base King size (6 Feet)
LOT 4157339/23
6 ft. Bed Rattan head and base with
LOT 4167339/24
6ft. Bed with mattress
LOT 4177514/21
A Georgian 4 Foster Bed Queen White
LOT 4183407/47
King size Mattress.
LOT 4197339/166
A Delft Dish and Blue & White Tea Po
LOT 4207603/1831
Vintage Noritake Royal Blue Coffee
LOT 4217603/2161
Table Screen. W.53 L.67 H.51 Cm. R
LOT 4225555/1177
1997 Harrod's bear and a small Capta
LOT 4236464/1
A Wooden Thai Chofa art deco. H.74
LOT 4247603/1544
16x Royal Doulton 'Burgundy' Tea Ser
LOT 4257603/1221
31 Pcs.Tea Set Ref.281 B.7
LOT 4267339/192
2 Blue and White Aue Deuf Disher.
LOT 4276464/3
A Nice Wooden Vase. W.17 H.36 Cm.
LOT 4286464/126
An Old Blue and White Chinese Tea Po
LOT 4297603/981
Art Deco Tea for Two. Ref. 229 B.6
LOT 4307337/223
A Pair of Chinese Plated with Stampe
LOT 431846/6
Cello with Bag and Stand.
LOT 4327603/1547
31x Tea Set . Ref.260 B.7
LOT 43364/1277
Large and Heavy Crystal Bowl. W. 30
LOT 4346464/2
2 Wooden two tone Vase. H.35 Cm.
LOT 4357337/209
10x Lids of Tea Cup.
LOT 4365555/1170
LOT 4376464/120
A Blue and White Chinese Antique Te
LOT 4387337/61
Traditional Teapot stainless steel C
LOT 4397603/1692
14 pcs. Royal Doulton Tea Set . Ref
LOT 44064/775
Assortment of 3 Glass Bowls
LOT 4415555/1176
A extra large H.15.5" crystal champa
LOT 4426464/19
A Large resin Prancing Horse. W.20
LOT 4436599/100
Green Benjarong Set.
LOT 4446464/122
A Benjarong Very Pretty Dish with L
LOT 4457337/67
Collectable of tea set with milk jug
LOT 4465555/1169
A brass Weighted dices in wooden box
LOT 4476464/150
11x Chinese Tea Cups with Stamped
LOT 4486464/130
A Largge Happy Buddha Statue.H.18 W.
LOT 4497337/233
A Paper Dragon in a Whisky Bottle. H
LOT 4506464/46
A Blue and White Tea Pot with Lid. W
LOT 451223/75
A Tall Chinese Vase Signed. H.48 Cm
LOT 4526464/119
A Thai Tea Pot Sugar Bowl and 2 Tea
LOT 4537603/1315
English Bone China Cups and Sauce.
LOT 4547603/1141
Set of Chinese Coffee Cups. Ref.267
LOT 4556464/97
A Selection of 3 Framed Monk Paintin
LOT 4565555/1117
A Hummel Goebel Figurine "Herald An
LOT 4576464/125
A Very Old Small Pot with Lid Signed
LOT 45864/1253
Porcelain Elephant. W.20 H.20 Cm.
LOT 4596464/5
A Lovely Buddha Bust on Wooden Stand
LOT 46064/1287
Wooden Hand Box. W.26 D.18 H.18 Cm.
LOT 4618001/92
Magnifier 90MM (new)
LOT 4627603/1224
Coffee Cups Ref.266 B.7
LOT 4636464/121
A Lovely Thai Tea Pot and 5 Cups & P
LOT 4646645/30
A Lucky Goldfish Statue. H.19 Cm. Ba
LOT 4655555/1163
5x Classical antique sheet music sco
LOT 4666599/89
2 x old Mrs Beetons Cookery Books
LOT 4676464/40
A Small Occasional Table. W.44 L.60
LOT 468223/74
A Tall Chinese Vase Signed. H.50 Cm
LOT 469913/498
Blue Danish fruit bowl
LOT 4707962/2
Very Heavy Happy Buddha Statue. W.2
LOT 4715555/1116
A vintage porcelain Goebel figurine
LOT 4726464/142
A Small Wooden Reclining Buddha. L.4
LOT 4734599/422
An Early 20th Century Engraved perfu
LOT 4746464/55
5 Resin Happy Buddhas in Box.
LOT 4756464/39
A Heavy Lucky Chinese Frog. W.18 D.
LOT 4767117/433
Tibetan Silver Dragon Pendant.
LOT 4777117/434
Tibetan Silver Dragon Pendant.
LOT 4787117/436
Tibetan Silver Bracelet with Gemston
LOT 4797166/26
Job lot of Bracelet, Necklace Earri
LOT 4803563/345
4x Vintage Masonic Medals and 1 bag.
LOT 4813563/343
Vintage Masonic Medals
LOT 482323/472
Spencer family coat of arms paper we
LOT 4836678/1092
2x Large Souvenir Coins.
LOT 4847280/4
CITIZEN Watch Silver Plated.
LOT 4858001/85
China Ancient Tibetan Silver Hero Gu
LOT 4866959/1155
A selection of in dividval Ladies Ri
LOT 4876959/1154
A selection of in dividval Ladies Ri
LOT 4886959/1157
A selection of in dividval Ladies Ri
LOT 4896959/1171
A selection of in dividval Ladies Ri
LOT 4906959/1153
A selection of in dividval Ladies Ri
LOT 49164/1268
18K Ruby Ring.
LOT 49264/1229
18K Men Ring.
LOT 49364/1276
18K Ruby Ring.
LOT 4946028/547
18 K Gold Plated.
LOT 4956028/554
18 K Gold Plated.
LOT 4966028/557
18 K Gold Plated.
LOT 4978001/87
18K Gold Plated Ring.
LOT 4987117/425
18K Gold Plated Ring.
LOT 4997117/421
18K Gold Plated Ring.
LOT 5007117/423
18K Gold Plated Ring.
LOT 5017117/420
18K Gold Plated Ring.
LOT 5027117/422
18K Gold Plated Ring.
LOT 5037117/424
18K Gold Plated Ring.
LOT 5048001/88
18K Gold Plated Ring.
LOT 5056464/28
A Pair of Thai Chofa Mounted on Woo
LOT 5067337/118
Blue storage pot porcelain stoneware
LOT 507875/12
Wooden Chinese lady carved
LOT 5087117/418
Brown Gold Samurai Sword on Stand. L
LOT 5097117/435
Japanese Ceremony Sword on Stand. L.
LOT 5107117/416
Vintage Samurai Sword in Leather Cas
LOT 5117117/417
Vintage Samurai Sword in Leather. L.
LOT 5127117/419
Japanese Katana Sword. L.95 Cm.
LOT 5137117/413
Vintage Brass Bronze Walking Stick.
LOT 5147117/412
Ceremony Walking Stick with Bayonet.
LOT 5157117/393
Old US Bayonet. L.53 Cm.
LOT 5168001/89
Very Old Emperor Chinese Tibetan Dag
LOT 5177117/410
2 New Ladys Shawls.
LOT 5187796/19
Casino Royale 007 Aston Martin DB5
LOT 5196464/117
A Selection of Wall Hanging Figure L
LOT 5202541/398
2x Wooden Walking Stick.
LOT 5216464/114
A Thai Made Elephant Tea Set.
LOT 5226599/107
Rose Patterned Ceramic Bowl. W.26 H.
LOT 5237337/49
Victorian cheese dish
LOT 5247337/169
Vintage Moroccan Safi Pottery Bowl,
LOT 5256464/71
A Large Selection of White China Mug
LOT 5267339/179
A Job Lot of 2 Clay Teapots an Old G
LOT 5277603/2037
Copper Kettle. Ref.135 B.10
LOT 5282468/63
Old Box Candle Holder
LOT 52964/1190
Kenko Microscope.
LOT 5307339/102
Vintages African Soapstone Bowl.W.20
LOT 5317603/987
3x Glass Cake Stand . Ref.86 B.6
LOT 5327337/274
A Modern Black & White Jar. W.20 H.
LOT 5337337/108
Four vintage ceramic teapot
LOT 5347337/63
19th . C Minton Chinese Tureen dish
LOT 5357339/195
A Small Japanese Teapot And 2 Small
LOT 5367796/17
Coffee Set With Tray
LOT 5377603/1876
Vintage Tea Set. Ref.163 B.9
LOT 5387339/101
Hand Painted Pottery Plate. W.24 Cm.
LOT 5396464/68
3 Wall Mounted Metal Hand Craeted C
LOT 5407337/159
Rare Antique Mahjong Tiles Back Bamb
LOT 5416464/100
A Pair of White Art Deco on Stands(
LOT 5426464/101
3 Thai of Gilt Chofa on Stands.
LOT 5436464/29
A Small Chinese Tea Set.
LOT 5446464/98
A Selection of 4 Framed Monk Paintin
LOT 5457339/170
Job Lot of Householditems.
LOT 5467642/229
Buddha picture framed. size 183x52 c
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