(+66) 092-272-0800 , (+66) 033-038-087
LOT 158/245
LOT 26687/1
LOT 35024/15
Yamaha Grand Filano 4214
LOT 46739/1
Honda phantom 7576
LOT 56736/1
Honda CBR 150R 5824
LOT 66174/1
LOT 75024/13
Yamaha GT125 8528
LOT 85024/16
Yamaha Nouvo SX125
LOT 96732/6
6x Crystal Whisky Tumblers
LOT 102564/4
2 Hand Painted British Napoleonic Fi
LOT 112564/3
Set Of 6 Porcelain Napoleonic Figure
LOT 122564/7
American Independence 1776 Large Hea
LOT 132564/11
Brass WW1 Trench Art "Cambrai" Tobac
LOT 143784/80
Job lot of glasses
LOT 156678/161
Original Belgium rare honor order of
LOT 161260/4
Damascus dagger,leather sheath handl
LOT 175053/4
A pair of Japanese fertility symbols
LOT 183784/83
LOT 19159/1757
A Lovely Tiger Statue On A Snowy Roc
LOT 206678/165
WW2 Japanese military telescope
LOT 213784/81
Lucky Chinese key
LOT 222564/5
2 Hand Painted French Napoleonic Fig
LOT 23300/290
A pair of glass vases
LOT 246471/178
Bronze Saturday Buddha
LOT 252564/6
2 Hand Painted French Napoleonic Fig
LOT 26159/1748
A Beautiful Pair Of Antique Japanese
LOT 27159/1761
A lovely silver plated 2 bottle wine
LOT 286678/137
German 19 Century Dagger With Hunter
LOT 296678/149
Good Looking Old Brass Walking Stick
LOT 306678/172
East German Berlin wall medal and ne
LOT 312564/8
3x Pewter+ Crystal Fantasy Figures
LOT 326678/171
Beautiful antique German blue crysta
LOT 332564/9
Charles II Porcelain Figurine
LOT 346678/166
Beautiful German crystal glass vase
LOT 352564/10
Ceramic Hunters Figurine
LOT 366678/160
German WW1 officer ceremonial spiked
LOT 376678/168
Beautiful old retro mechanical cryst
LOT 386732/18
Cocktail Shaker
LOT 392373/195
Wooden board with bottle opener for
LOT 40383/213
Pair Of Wall Sconce Lights
LOT 41159/1744
A Nice Pair Of Blue & White Japanese
LOT 42300/288
Metal eagle
LOT 43159/1763
A pair of 7" sterling silver 1905/19
LOT 44383/216
Silver Plated Tea Set On Tray
LOT 456581/147
Colclough tea set
LOT 46159/1745
A Large Old Pair Of Opaline Glass Va
LOT 474325/147
Turtle Complete Wall Hanger
LOT 48159/1732
An old Chinese Ma-cue Cantonese plat
LOT 496471/173
Fat Buddha with children
LOT 50159/1750
A Very Nice Brass Candlestick With 9
LOT 514325/146
Wooden Carved Brown Bear
LOT 52383/224
Chinese ceramic plate
LOT 533270/752
Genuine Rolex Watch Box
LOT 546678/170
WW2 German nice lossal honor medal w
LOT 556678/169
German WW2 honor Swastika ring
LOT 56159/1769
A very nice lady figure " Windswept"
LOT 57300/289
Glass barrel
LOT 58159/1767
A large new Japanese enameled metal
LOT 596732/20
Ship Decanter
LOT 606581/150
Queen Anne ted set
LOT 616678/135
Original Hand Painted Imperial 18 Ce
LOT 62300/286
Money box
LOT 63159/1772
A lovey bronze dagger with blue deco
LOT 64159/1760
A Chinese antique porcelain moon fla
LOT 65159/1773
Set of 5 Japanese serving plates and
LOT 66300/292
Ship compass
LOT 676471/183
A pair of bronze foxes on marble bas
LOT 68300/291
wooden compass
LOT 696471/184
Bronze figure of dog and signed P.Ch
LOT 70300/285
Brass clock with key
LOT 71159/1751
An Old Barometer In The Shape Of A W
LOT 72159/1716
A Set Of 8 Porcelain Japanese Ladies
LOT 73159/1680
A bronze muscular man on a marble pl
LOT 74223/45
Old Bronze Pra Keaw Buddha
LOT 756678/146
Exceptional Beautiful Samurai Katana
LOT 766678/148
Quality Wood Handmade Sword Stand De
LOT 776678/108
1932 Complete Cigarette 312 Cards Pi
LOT 782373/189
Set of 4x antique wood chisels
LOT 796471/185
Antique bronze lion on marble base
LOT 806581/149
Royal vale ted set
LOT 814325/138
Pewter Teapot Milk Jug And Sugar Bow
LOT 82159/1669
A 19th century Qing poly chrome hand
LOT 832373/197
Garlic board with chopper
LOT 846678/167
Collection of rare 12 German limited
LOT 854325/145
Wooden Carved Black Bear
LOT 86159/1752
A Green Art Deco Fruit Tray On A Nic
LOT 87159/1755
A Pair Of Brass & Ceramic Matching C
LOT 886678/158
Old WW2 German Dagger
LOT 89159/1731
A beautiful very heavy lead crystal
LOT 90159/1746
A Tall Pair Of Vases Decorated With
LOT 916732/21
6x Crystal Water Glasses
LOT 926678/150
Original M-40 German WW2 Helmet
LOT 93159/1765
A set of 6 silver plated coasters &
LOT 945936/18
Chinese Sword
LOT 956678/173
German 1936 Olympia medal and 1942 n
LOT 962564/2
Wooden Boxed Vintage Nickelbronze Pl
LOT 97300/279
Water pump
LOT 98383/222
Chinese vaese hand painted
LOT 99383/215
Copper Plated Teapot Coffee Pot Milk
LOT 1006678/147
Old WW2 Unusual Soviet Union Sword W
LOT 101383/214
Silver Plated Large Copper Tray
LOT 102383/225
Silver plated ted jar with tray and
LOT 103159/1762
An early C20th marble jade & onyx an
LOT 1042373/196
Wooden board with knifes
LOT 1056718/13
Vintage Radio with Charger
LOT 1063784/76
Selection of candle holders
LOT 1075936/20
Chinese Clock
LOT 1082373/190
Set of 3x antique hand held drills
LOT 1096678/163
Beautiful antique French pewter lion
LOT 1106678/162
German imperial nice ceremonial dagg
LOT 1114325/136
Old Copper Kettle
LOT 11230/419
Roberts Radio with adapter and Remot
LOT 1132373/191
Set of 4x modern wood chisels
LOT 1146678/164
Rare complete Hitler Olympia 1936 wi
LOT 115159/1725
A nice tall middle eastern brass Ewe
LOT 1162373/193
Cheese board with knifes
LOT 1174325/140
Old Brass Milk churn
LOT 1182373/194
Cheese board with knifes
LOT 1196581/148
Richmond coffee set
LOT 1204325/142
Ornament With Mice
LOT 121617/243
Antique Bronze Buddha
LOT 122159/1737
A large 13" diameter very old antiqu
LOT 1235943/8
A pair of table lamps
LOT 1246471/164
Bronze Thai gold statue playing musi
LOT 125159/1771
A book on the art of wine (A good no
LOT 1266469/330
Rattan table lamp with shade
LOT 1276715/64
Pottery vase with flowers
LOT 1286715/65
Pottery vase with flowers
LOT 1296435/58
3 of pictures
LOT 1306701/2
Golf club
LOT 1315175/2
Wall clock in frame
LOT 1326715/66
Wooden TV cabinet
LOT 133159/1764
A set of commemorative R.A.F display
LOT 1346720/4
Hat stand
LOT 135159/1768
A green pottery table lamp & shade
LOT 1364742/37
Wooden dining table with 6 chairs
LOT 137159/1726
Very large nicely decorated green po
LOT 1383784/84
Pair of teak wood stools
LOT 139383/209
Round folding dining table
LOT 1406738/5
Beautiful Inlaid Grand Father Clock
LOT 14158/243
Red carpet 185×120cm
LOT 1426738/6
Bewilderment Oak Cabinet With Marble
LOT 1434742/21
Oak court sideboard 50x125x170cm
LOT 1446738/1
Dutch Walnut Bureau Bookcase With 2
LOT 1454742/20
Arts and carved oak bureau sideboard
LOT 1466738/2
King Wood Ladies Escritoire With Orm
LOT 1472564/12
A Bank Notes Display
LOT 1484742/33
Antique wall clock
LOT 1496715/96
Beautiful oil painting in frame
LOT 1503784/85
Horse oil painted on canvas
LOT 1512564/14
A Victorian Nude In Ornate Frame
LOT 1522564/13
An Old "Over paint" Seascape
LOT 1536263/2
Oil painting picture with frame
LOT 1542755/36
Wooden wardrobe with 1 key
LOT 155383/226
French small inlaid top Ormolu mount
LOT 156383/212
Marble top French chest of drawers s
LOT 1574402/30
Wooden table
LOT 1586593/18
Piano table 2 drawer standart polish
LOT 1596738/7
French Marquetry With Ormolu Mount
LOT 1606738/4
Chinese Lacquered 2 doors cabinet wi
LOT 1614742/23
French Bomb bureau 50x65x105 cm
LOT 162383/228
Victorian pedestal table with Walnut
LOT 1632564/1
Royal Tudor Ware English Cake Plate
LOT 1646471/172
Antique glass eperm
LOT 1656471/182
Bronze dolphin with boy and water sp
LOT 1666678/157
A Nice Chinese Brass And Porcelain M
LOT 167383/220
Silver Plated Tea Set On Tray
LOT 1684325/141
Old Copper Jug With Surround
LOT 169159/1770
A vintage boxed 24 pieces gold plate
LOT 1702373/187
Box of antique brace and bits
LOT 1711165/42
2x harmonica Made In Germany
LOT 1721165/44
80% Silver Spoon 50 Grams
LOT 1736678/155
WW2 German Iron Cross On Ribbon
LOT 1746441/19
Dugena watch including Bracelet In 1
LOT 1751165/49
Golf Sterling Silver 925 28 Grams
LOT 176617/244
Rama 5 coin
LOT 177617/245
Buddha Amulet
LOT 1781165/51
Sterling Silver Pill Box
LOT 179159/1690
A brand new Swiss rotary watch with
LOT 1801165/43
Sterling Silver Spoon 26.9 Grams
LOT 1811165/46
80% Silver Small Jug 45.7 Grams
LOT 182617/247
Antique Metal Buddha Amuled
LOT 183617/246
Antique Metal Buddha Amuled
LOT 1841165/45
80% Silver Cake Spoon 37.8 Grams
LOT 1851165/47
10% Silver Fork And Spoon 232 Grams
LOT 1861165/41
Zinn 100% Dish 1862
LOT 1871165/48
10% Silver Cake Spoon 84 Grams
LOT 1883270/765
Lot of 4 Sterling Silver Pins
LOT 1896127/10
2x inside painted Snuff bottles
LOT 1906715/56
Rattan TV Cabinet
LOT 1916343/4
Rattan Sofa Set
LOT 1926593/49
Woven long stool
LOT 1936715/10
Cream sofa
LOT 1946721/10
Large teak wood TV cabinet with draw
LOT 1955397/90
Table with 4 Chairs
LOT 1966593/7
Grandmother chair 2 seater standard
LOT 1976721/7
Teak wood round table glass top wit
LOT 1986681/82
5x LED Tube 3200 Lumen Milky cover (
LOT 1996721/8
Corner teak wood cupboard
LOT 2006732/10
Long Cupboard Painted Elephant
LOT 2014742/24
Marble top mirror back credenza 45x1
LOT 20246/1348
French lady armchair
LOT 20346/1357
Victorian lady chair
LOT 204741/60
Lady golf club
LOT 2056721/9
Teak wood TV cabinet 50x180x60cm
LOT 206736/71
Old Wooden Buddha
LOT 2076732/5
Dressing Table
LOT 2086715/67
Table lamp with shade
LOT 2096678/84
Rare German WW2 marine uniform with
LOT 210439/58
LGLCD TV 42inch with remote in offic
LOT 2111779/39
Sharp Smart TV 65 inch remote in off
LOT 2126732/7
Large Framed Wooden Mirror
LOT 213671/30
Alpha LED TV 32 inch remote in offic
LOT 2145943/2
Sharp tv 39" with remote in office
LOT 2153391/39
Aconatic LED TV 32inch with remote
LOT 2166715/75
Black sofa
LOT 2171499/5
Coffee table
LOT 2184402/29
Antique boat
LOT 2196721/11
4 rattan chairs
LOT 2206715/100
Coffee table with glass on top
LOT 2216469/329
Heavy table lamp with ceramic base
LOT 2224402/31
Wooden cabinet with 4x drawers and 1
LOT 2236681/120
Motion Sensor Solar Flood light (135
LOT 2246721/5
Wooden Teak table with stool 45x120
LOT 2256681/80
3x LED Tube 2100 Lumen (22 watt)
LOT 2266681/129
Motion Sensor Solar Street light (15
LOT 2276715/55
Rattan TV Cabinet
LOT 2286681/78
10x Filament bulbs (10 watt)
LOT 2296681/135
10x Flame bulb E14 Bullet M (5 watt)
LOT 2306681/112
10x Flame bulb E14 S (5 watt)
LOT 2316681/132
10x Flame bulb E27 B (9 watt)
LOT 2326681/133
10x Flame bulb E27 B (7 watt)
LOT 2336681/111
10x Flame bulb E27 B (7 watt)
LOT 2346681/113
10x Flame bulb E14 Bullet M (5 watt)
LOT 2356681/130
Motion Sensor Solar Street light (15
LOT 2366681/83
5x LED Tube 3200 Lumen Clear cover (
LOT 2376681/81
5x LED Tube 3200 Lumen Milky cover (
LOT 2386681/131
5x Flame bulb solar garden (5 watt)
LOT 2396681/116
Motion Sensor Solar Flood light (135
LOT 2406681/119
Motion Sensor Solar Flood light (135
LOT 2416681/118
Motion Sensor Solar Flood light (135
LOT 2426681/117
Motion Sensor Solar Flood light (135
LOT 2436681/121
Motion Sensor Solar Flood light (250
LOT 2446681/123
Motion Sensor Solar Flood light (250
LOT 2456681/124
Motion Sensor Solar Flood light (250
LOT 2466681/125
Motion Sensor Solar Flood light (250
LOT 2476681/122
Motion Sensor Solar Flood light (250
LOT 2486715/8
Brown massage armchair with stool
LOT 2496715/70
2x tall lamps
LOT 2506715/73
A Wardrobe
LOT 2516721/12
A Mirror
LOT 2526715/71
Dressing table
LOT 2532591/978
Queen size bed with mattress and 1x
LOT 2546593/42
Italain stool 2 seaters size 116x53x
LOT 2556715/105
Table lamp
LOT 25651/1352
Golf case
LOT 2576593/48
Square stool with shelves with uphol
LOT 2586721/2
Leather Black L-shape sofa with cush
LOT 2592373/201
Bottle box with bag
LOT 26058/244
Pool que case
LOT 2616715/95
Coffee table with glass on top
LOT 262300/280
Fighter Command Royal air force mirr
LOT 2632373/192
Heavy wooden kitchen board
LOT 264159/1715
Large Job Lot Over 60 Pieces Of Crys
LOT 26551/1336
White tv cabinet
LOT 2666720/10
Pair of armchairs
LOT 2672689/49
Guita classic
LOT 2682373/199
Wine box
LOT 2692373/188
Life jacket size XL
LOT 2703784/74
A Cabinet
LOT 2716593/34
A pair of French wing arm chairs
LOT 2726593/44
A pair of wing arm chair brown fabri
LOT 2734930/12
Big fan
LOT 27451/1344
Dressing table
LOT 2756721/4
King size bed with mattress
LOT 2766212/17
Baby car seat
LOT 2776211/9
Baby Cot
LOT 2786715/114
Teak wood Queen size bed
LOT 2792373/200
Golf bag with golf balls
LOT 2806688/6
2x Timber venetian Blinds
LOT 2816715/74
Brown L-shape sofa with cushions
LOT 2826593/16
Sofa carved size 190x80x70 cm.
LOT 2836593/38
Bench carved standard polish size 13
LOT 28451/1349
Wooden armchair
LOT 2855175/5
LG TV 42 inch with DVD player
LOT 2866343/7
Coffee Table
LOT 28751/1347
Baby hight chair
LOT 2882591/993
Small refrigerator with table
LOT 2896718/17
A small Safe with 2 keys
LOT 2906343/5
Basin Unit With Mirror
LOT 2911898/184
Ieka Wine cooler
LOT 2926718/18
Tile Cutter with Trolley
LOT 2936718/3
Garden shredder
LOT 2946720/7
LOT 2952225/1
Whirpool 2door Refrigerator
LOT 2961898/183
Panasonic Wine cooler
LOT 2974407/8
Samsung washing machine 9kg
LOT 2984407/10
Baby cot
LOT 2996343/6
Fish Tank
LOT 300851/24
2x Stand for speakers
LOT 3015834/21
Coffee machine
LOT 3025834/22
Coffee machine
LOT 3035499/76
Brand new sink in box cost new 3900
LOT 304383/227
Antique Jentlemans Victorian compact
LOT 3054742/35
TV Cabinet
LOT 3065943/3
2x computer speakers and monitor com
LOT 3076715/98
Wooden table with 2 chairs
LOT 3085175/3
Car morniter screen
LOT 309851/23
LOT 310851/22
Helmets And Fan
LOT 3115877/55
LG mictowave
LOT 3125943/5
Forever fit foot exercise
LOT 3136715/103
Shoes Cabinet
LOT 3143047/22
A Mirror with stand
LOT 3153047/21
Marble table
LOT 3166732/8
3 Bar Stools
LOT 317851/21
Yamaha Digital Keyboard Adapter And
LOT 3186543/2
TV cabinet
LOT 3196593/6
Flower carved single ended sofa silv
LOT 3206715/4
Rattan sideboard
LOT 3216715/19
Rattan Table With 2 Chairs
LOT 3226715/21
Rattan Table With 2 Chairs
LOT 3236715/22
Rattan Table With 2 Chairs
LOT 3246715/11
Pair of Wooden armchairs
LOT 3256720/2
Rattan office table with chair
LOT 3262373/198
Wine basket
LOT 32751/1350
Wooden chair
LOT 3286593/27
Woven corner lounge polish size 140x
LOT 329802/147
Hard wood Library step/chair
LOT 330802/149
Hard wood Library step/chair
LOT 331802/148
Hard wood Library step/chair
LOT 332802/146
Hard wood Library step/chair
LOT 3336715/7
Brown massage armchair with stool
LOT 3346721/6
Teak wood coffee table 100x100x46cm
LOT 335851/20
Black Armchair
LOT 33651/1353
Round coffee table
LOT 337300/287
Leather bag
LOT 3384742/36
Wooden Bench
LOT 339159/1728
A 9 pieces new repairing tool set
LOT 3406715/104
2 stools
LOT 3415906/12
Coffee table with glass on top
LOT 3423391/41
Glass top coffee table
LOT 3436715/9
Brown massage armchair with stool
LOT 344159/1753
A Large Picture On Board Of Bob Marl
LOT 345159/1759
4 pictures of 4 beautiful ladies ast
LOT 3466715/12
Leather Black L-shape sofa
LOT 3476715/45
Sunflowers of oil painting in frame
LOT 3486469/284
Bar table with glass on top
LOT 3496715/27
Massage Bed
LOT 3506715/29
Massage Bed
LOT 3516715/28
Massage Bed
LOT 3526715/13
Black sofa
LOT 3536593/19
Mahogany magazine rack
LOT 3546638/5
Wooden drawers
LOT 3554402/32
Antique wooden cupboard
LOT 3566469/300
Large Round Glass table
LOT 3575083/12
Wooden carved cowboy
LOT 3585721/1
Very nice water color painting sign
LOT 3592591/955
Wooden carved wall deco
LOT 3605558/35
10x Magnetic door mesh 90cm x 210cm
LOT 3616682/38
Canon printer with case
LOT 3626682/5
LOT 3635175/4
Electric drill, jack 3 tone, booster
LOT 3641779/40
LOT 365611/46
Samsung Computer Monitor
LOT 3665083/15
A pair of Infinity speakers
LOT 3676718/16
A job lot of Sockets, Cutters tools
LOT 3682424/7
Vortex car polisher and Dewalt sande
LOT 369300/273
Hedge cutter
LOT 3706718/14
Sharping Machine
LOT 3716732/16
Ice Bucket And Champagne Bucket With
LOT 3726682/25
3x electric kettles
LOT 3736451/21
Bosch Coffee machine
LOT 374159/1766
A set of disco lights as new
LOT 3756718/5
Tile Cutter
LOT 3764930/8
Meat slicer
LOT 3773784/82
Pair of dumbbells 5kg
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