(+66) 092-272-0800 , (+66) 038-076-234-5
LOT 12398/15
LOT 27843/1
LOT 3733/203
Phillips Food Steamer& Kettle.
LOT 42195/34
3x Small Floding Rubberwood Tables.
LOT 57889/14
BEKO Smart Inverter Refrigerator.
LOT 67889/34
Massage Bed. W.62 L.180 H.64 Cm.
LOT 77889/45
Mixed Item.
LOT 851/1408
Black and Decker Workmate.
LOT 91190/1
Haier Washing Machine 12 KG.
LOT 104144/4
3ft Mattress.
LOT 116954/12
Small carpet. Size 137x97cm
LOT 12429/774
Skate Board (new). L.76 Cm.
LOT 137895/6
Folder Stool H.44 Cm. And Folder Cof
LOT 14348/1784
Mini Pool Table & Billiard Set. W.4
LOT 157815/1
Dining ​Table Glass Top And 6 Chai
LOT 166/114
Car Polisher Machine with 3x Cover m
LOT 177434/14
Philips Cooker.
LOT 182564/902
A Vintage English picnic basket
LOT 197862/1
Barbie Houses. W.82 D.33 H.118 Cm.
LOT 207889/58
Job Lot of Electric Extension Cable.
LOT 217737/141
Water,Whiskey Glasses and Shot Glass
LOT 22429/794
House Worth Electric. Boiler.
LOT 23659/46
Flocked Air Bed size 1.91 mx1.37mx22
LOT 246/112
Swimming Pool Non returned Valve.
LOT 25429/811
Multi Functions Massage Pillow(new)
LOT 267889/57
3x Glass Trays and Ceramic Bowl&jar
LOT 277889/55
Job Lot of Kitchen Appliances.
LOT 287889/18
Set of Dumbells.
LOT 297807/2
Baby Mattress. W.70 L.108 H.75 Cm.
LOT 307603/1376
Bedroom Chair. Ref. 68 B.7
LOT 312195/33
Outdoor Plastic Chair.
LOT 327324/7
A Pair of Outside Chairs.
LOT 337603/2007
Oak Dressing Mirror. W.66 H.60 Cm.
LOT 347603/1979
Carved Oak Display Cabinet with 4 ke
LOT 357603/1967
Tea Table. W.62 L.83 H.80 Ref.200
LOT 367889/59
Tefal Baker Mixer.
LOT 377889/49
Job Lot of items.
LOT 387865/4
2x Artificial Rattan Chairs
LOT 391920/98
Water Tap and Shower.
LOT 40733/204
4x Stainless Steel Trays with Cover
LOT 417434/17
Casio- Cash Register with key.
LOT 427895/5
A Pair of Rattan floor Lamps. W.13
LOT 437889/23
Velvet Stool. W.29 L.78 H.30 Cm.
LOT 447895/16
Wooden Console Table. W.40 L.120 H.
LOT 457859/9
Shoe rack. W.80 D.30 H.44 Cm.
LOT 46429/782
Army Colored Motorbike Helmet with G
LOT 477889/28
Daewoo Tower Fan With Remote. H.95
LOT 48429/795
Index Motorbike Helmet.
LOT 497889/30
Daewoo Tower Fan With Remote. H.95
LOT 50733/202
A Pair of Coffee Table. W.55 H.46 C
LOT 517889/20
Philips Air Purifier.
LOT 527859/4
Fitex Running Machine.
LOT 537603/1438
Victorian Oak Dinning Table. W.106
LOT 547895/7
PHILIPS Speaker Set.
LOT 557889/11
LED TV 33 inch.
LOT 567603/2047
Large Cheval Mirror. W.47 L.64 H.16
LOT 577302/10
Painting and Drawing Easel. W.67 L.
LOT 587603/1953
2x Regency Hall Chairs. Ref.86 B.9.
LOT 597603/1853
Oak Sewing Box. W.34 H.46 L.38 Cm.
LOT 607434/16
Bar Stool.H.91 Cm.
LOT 617603/1654
4x Dinning Chairs. Ref.74 B.8
LOT 627603/1902
Wine Table. W.30 H.50 Cm. Ref.214
LOT 637603/1321
Bedside Cabinet . W. 35 L. 41 H. 64
LOT 647603/1166
Georgian County Chair. Ref.57 B.6
LOT 653963/39
Wooden door. W.69 H.198 Cm.
LOT 667889/39
A Pair of Hanging clothes units. W.
LOT 677889/32
2x Rattan Decor Mirrors.
LOT 687603/2023
Tea Table. W.37 L.59 H.73 Cm. Ref.
LOT 697603/1894
4x Oak Chairs. Ref.225 B.9
LOT 707603/2087
Display Cabinet. W.91 D.31 H.102 Cm
LOT 717603/2070
Oak Side Cabinet. W.91 D.42 H.86 Cm
LOT 727107/110
Wooden Stool. W.41 L.45 H.42 Cm.
LOT 737895/4
Open Frame Rack. W.40 H.180 Cm.
LOT 747603/1778
Oak Dressing Mirror. W.55 H.54 Cm.
LOT 757894/19
A Long Wooden Side Table with Lower
LOT 767894/20
A Long Wooden Side Table with Lower
LOT 777895/9
Wolverine Picture. W.58 H.88 Cm.
LOT 787895/8
Keith Richard's Picture. W.61 H.86
LOT 797895/10
Frank Miller's Sin City Picture. W.
LOT 807895/14
Rolling Stone Authetic Picture. W.5
LOT 817895/11
Joker Picture. W.59 H.88 Cm.
LOT 827895/12
Movie Picture " Planet Terror" W.62
LOT 837895/13
Pinkfloyd The Wall. W.62 H.93 Cm.
LOT 847441/6
Pencil drawing picture frame. Dimens
LOT 857603/1864
Oak Court Cupboard. W.94 D.46 H.13
LOT 867895/1
Samsung LCD TV 32" with Remote.
LOT 877603/2103
Oak Sideboard, Arts. W.140 D.55 H.1
LOT 887603/2090
Walnut Bureau Bookcase with 2 keys.
LOT 897603/2088
Oak Dresser. W.138 D.45 H.186 CM.
LOT 907603/2086
Oak Wardrobe Carved. W.122 D.46 H.2
LOT 917603/2025
Oak Side Table. W.42 L.57 H.70 Cm.
LOT 927603/2098
Magazine Rack. W.53 D.25 H.53 Cm.
LOT 937603/2057
2x Bedroom Chairs. Ref.60 B.10
LOT 947603/2102
Ches5 of Drawer. W.76 D.43 H.119 Cm
LOT 957864/1
Painting with nice frames. W.74 H.5
LOT 964742/299
4x Disney Jigsaw Pictures.
LOT 977603/2104
4x Kitchen Chairs. Ref.233 B.10
LOT 983963/31
Fabric Sofa Bed. W.180 D.32 H.90 Cm
LOT 997603/2105
4x Dining Chairs. Ref.133 B.10
LOT 1007889/13
TCL TV 55 inch with Sound Bar.
LOT 1013963/36
TCL TV 32 inch.
LOT 1023963/29
TV Cabinet. W.150 D.51 H.202 Cm.
LOT 1037603/2094
Corner Display Cabinet. W.63 D.37 H
LOT 1042373/757
Rosewood drink Cabine. 185x48 cm H.1
LOT 1057889/15
Godrej Euro Lite Safe. W.52 D.47 H.
LOT 1067603/2108
3x Bedroom Chairs. Ref.81 B.10.
LOT 1077603/2095
Display Cabinet. W.59 D.34 H.118 Cm
LOT 1084144/2
Wooden step chest of drawers, step c
LOT 1094144/1
Wooden Cabinet with drawers. Dimensi
LOT 1104144/3
Electric Tall lamp pot style. No sha
LOT 11158/308
Floor Lamps. H.172 Cm.
LOT 1127603/2089
A Pair of G-Plan Bookcases. W.76 D
LOT 113348/1775
A framed set of Korean traditional m
LOT 1147014/5
Maprachan SKETCH Acrylic On Canvas
LOT 1157603/2044
Dressing Mirror. W.20 L.45 H.58 Cm.
LOT 1167603/1725
Grandfather Longcase Clock. With k
LOT 1177603/1262
Welsh Dresser. W. 41 L. 147 H. 208
LOT 1187865/15
4x Lotus Oil Canvas with Gilt Framed
LOT 119348/1774
A vintage laboratory equipment set i
LOT 1207894/12
A Small Wooden Shelf Unit. W.13 L.5
LOT 1217603/1667
Large Kitchen Table. W.106 L.183 H.
LOT 1227895/3
Bamboo Sofa. W.130 L.260 H.75 Cm.
LOT 1232195/35
Sofa Bed. W.100 L.172 Cm.
LOT 1247603/2079
10x Dining Chairs. Ref.32 B.10
LOT 1257603/2106
Armchair. Ref.216 B.10
LOT 1266028/269
Antique porcelain tile tray, pattern
LOT 1277894/23
A Gilded Wall Hanging Wooden Carving
LOT 1287107/111
A Pair of Velvet Prayer Mets.
LOT 1297441/5
Glass Coffee Table. W.79 L.140 Cm
LOT 1307603/2097
Magazine Rack. W.47 D.17 H.46 Cm.
LOT 1317603/2099
Tea Table. W.60 D.37 H.73 Cm. Ref.
LOT 1324144/5
Wooden Sofa Set.
LOT 1337441/7
Round wooden carved Buddha. Dimensio
LOT 1347603/2107
3 Art Deco Chairs. Ref.163 B.10
LOT 1357603/1970
Victorian Dining Table. W.39 D,37 H
LOT 1367603/2100
Pedestal Desk. W.119 D.52 W.79 Cm.
LOT 1374144/6
Wooden Sofa Bench. W.200 D.90 H.82
LOT 1387603/2096
Display Cabinet. W.75 D.34 H.127 Cm
LOT 139116/71
Crocodile leather Lady Bag. W.32 H.
LOT 1406954/14
Round Marble top wooden base.93 cm
LOT 1417894/11
A Tall Hand made Wooden Thai Bird Ca
LOT 1424412/150
Wooden Buddha Statue. W.62 H.165 Cm
LOT 1437603/2092
Corner Cupboard. W.62 D.38 H.183 Cm
LOT 1447603/2091
Sideboard. W.150 D.50 H.155 Cm. Re
LOT 1457603/2085
Ercol Dresser. W.120 D.45 H.160 Cm.
LOT 1467603/2101
Oak Bureau. W.75 D.40 H.91 Cm. Ref
LOT 1477894/15
A Brass Model Of The Kings Barge Sup
LOT 1486185/4
Glas Vase on wood. W.45 H.93 Cm.
LOT 1497603/2110
2x Chairs. Ref.182 B.10
LOT 1507894/10
A Pair of Carved Side Tables Glass t
LOT 1517603/2111
Bentwood Hatstand. W.43 H.180 Cm.
LOT 1527894/1
A Large Hand Painted Thai Mirror Wit
LOT 1537894/9
Small side Table. W.39 H.70 Cm.
LOT 1547894/13
Antique Bronze Sitting Buddha.W.50 H
LOT 1557894/6
A Pair of Gilt Stands. W.40 H.102 Cm
LOT 1567603/2109
2x Hall Chairs. Ref.164 B.10
LOT 1577894/8
A Twisted Wooden Stand. W.30 H.89
LOT 158348/1772
Job lot of books.
LOT 1597894/16
A Small Thai Pray House made of Teak
LOT 1607894/7
A Pair of Thai Wooden Monk Carving.
LOT 1617894/4
A Pair of Smaller Wooden Stands. W.
LOT 1627894/3
A Pair of Reeded Wooden Stands. W.
LOT 1637894/17
A Khumer Very Old Bronze Sitiing.
LOT 1647894/5
A Solid Bronze Sitting Buddha. W.27
LOT 1651/1000
Planter- Wine & Whiskey Barrel. W.3
LOT 1667603/2084
Standard Lamp. W.40 H.182 Cm. Ref
LOT 1677894/14
A Set of Four Hand Carved Thai Woode
LOT 1687894/24
A Wooden Wall Hanging Carving of Tha
LOT 16986/8
Job Lot of army cap.
LOT 1703600/427
Opiumweights 4 pcs., 153 gr., 152 gr
LOT 1713600/426
Opiumweights 4 pcs., 175 gr., 165 gr
LOT 1723600/429
Opiumweights 4 pcs., 170 gr., 128 gr
LOT 1733600/428
Opiumweights 4 pcs., 161 gr., 129 gr
LOT 1743600/430
Opiumweights 4 pcs., 235 gr., 210 gr
LOT 175429/799
Vintage Porcelain Silver Tea Pot.
LOT 1763784/184
Wine Decanter. H.22 Cm.
LOT 1776028/261
A Pair of Antique Japanese Satsuma H
LOT 17840/324
Japan Helmet 1932.
LOT 1796028/260
A Pair of Antique Japanese Satsuma H
LOT 1806028/254
Antique Iron.
LOT 18140/323
Original Soviet Union Fireman Helme
LOT 1827727/3
Wall Buddha Mask.
LOT 1837629/3
1x Metal Frog and 1x Ceramic Frog.
LOT 18464/1084
Blue and white Art Glass Vase. H.26
LOT 1856185/7
1 Decanter and 2x Glasses on wood.
LOT 1867603/2033
Coffee Grinder. Ref.84 B.10
LOT 1876028/259
Vintage Chinese Whisky Porcelain Bo
LOT 1887603/2035
Copper Kettle. Ref.135 N.10
LOT 1897603/2034
Brass Kettles. Ref.135 B.10
LOT 1907117/151
Classic Aquarium Fish Clock.
LOT 1917629/6
A Pair Coca Cola Glasses Collection.
LOT 1927796/10
A Crystal Vase.
LOT 1937629/2
Wooden Statue from Venice Masked Bal
LOT 1945911/281
Royal Doulton The Falconer Large Cha
LOT 195348/1776
A Dresden style blue & white trinket
LOT 1964412/146
A human bronze figures. Approx. 25 c
LOT 1973600/441
4x Antique Bowls.
LOT 198348/1777
A solid brass maritime ship plaque "
LOT 1997894/22
2x Hand Carved Stone Buddha Face He
LOT 2005911/279
Royal Doulton Very Rane Saint George
LOT 2017895/2
2 Small Bells with Stand. W.18 H.37
LOT 2023600/425
Jar 4 Lugs, Ship,Wreck Found. H.23 C
LOT 2033600/424
Jar 4 Lugs, Ship Wreck Found. L.27
LOT 2043600/423
Jar 4 Lugs, Ship Wreck Found. L.26
LOT 2053600/443
Antique Kendi From Clay.
LOT 2063600/444
A Pair of Small Antique Storage, Shi
LOT 2073600/435
Detailed Cloisonné Vase H. 10 Cm.
LOT 2083600/440
2x Small Bells with Stand (Burma).
LOT 2097744/1
LOT 210348/1771
A Miller's collectables price guide
LOT 2111441/1
Job Lot Vintage Razors Includes C-Mo
LOT 21240/327
Pilot's Helmet 1939.
LOT 21340/326
Olympic Photo Camera 1980 with Flash
LOT 2143600/442
3x Figurines, Brown Glaze.
LOT 2157603/2093
Yew Chest of Drawer. W.45 D.33 H.87
LOT 21640/328
20 Banknotes of Yugoslavia.
LOT 2173975/38
Good Quality Bronze Buddha. W.50 H.
LOT 2187894/25
A Large Bronze Khumer Figure of Nan
LOT 2196028/242
Brass Happy Buddha. W.18 H.23 Cm.
LOT 2207894/18
A Very Old Thai-Bali Sanskrit book.
LOT 2216028/270
Chinese Antique jar glaze blue and w
LOT 22264/1093
2x Wine Glasses.
LOT 2236028/272
Chinese Antique jar glaze blue and w
LOT 2246185/5
Glas Bowl on wood. W.45 H.93 Cm.
LOT 22540/325
Box-Photo Camera 1953 year Soviet Un
LOT 226429/808
Vintage Imari Ware Bowl Stormy Seas
LOT 22786/10
2 Antique Guns L.143 and 145 Cm.
LOT 2281441/2
Original and Genuine WW2 Japanese Ty
LOT 2295911/275
Royal Doulton The Cardinal. W.19 H
LOT 23064/1095
Crystal Vase. H.24 Cm.
LOT 2315911/278
Royal Doulton Toni Wellea Charles Pi
LOT 2326028/267
Hand painted Chinese vase. W.22 H.3
LOT 2335911/276
Royal Doulton The Lawyer. W.16 H.1
LOT 2347629/1
Wooden Buddha Statue. H.31 Cm.
LOT 23564/1082
Vintage Beer Stein Original Gerzit.
LOT 2366185/6
Glas Tray on wood. W.28 H.25 Cm.
LOT 23740/329
Original Adolf Hitler'S Third Reich
LOT 2385911/277
Royal Doulton Long John Silver. W.
LOT 23964/1090
Green Art Glass Vase. W.20 H.22 Cm
LOT 2406028/274
Chinese Antique jar glaze blue and w
LOT 2415911/280
The Beer Eater London Series. W.15
LOT 2426028/256
Tibetan Singing Bowl. W.19 H.19 Cm.
LOT 2436028/268
Rare set of copper Betel Nut. W.20 H
LOT 2447603/1828
Brass Kettle. W.25 H.20 Cm. Ref.24
LOT 245145/590
Gimbeled oil Lamp. H.23 Cm.
LOT 2467603/2037
Copper Kettle. Ref.135 B.10
LOT 24764/1092
Delft Plate with Box. W.26 Cm.
LOT 2487603/2041
A Pair of Brass Jugs. H.23,17 Cm.
LOT 249429/801
Brass Bronze Walking Stick. L.92 Cm
LOT 250429/809
Civil War Officer Sword With Bayonet
LOT 2513975/29
Two praying wooden Monks/Nuns
LOT 2527117/155
Old Katana Design Sword. L.100 Cm.
LOT 2537117/157
Japanese Sword and Sheath Gold Inla
LOT 2547117/156
Black Samurai Sword in Leather Case
LOT 255429/810
Pin on Vampiro Sword. L.100 Cm.
LOT 256429/802
Large Machete Knife. L.46 Cm.
LOT 257429/800
Designed USA Knife. L.30 Cm.
LOT 258429/803
Old Tibetan Digger with Animal Head
LOT 2597117/153
German Dress Bayonet. L.47 Cm.
LOT 260429/817
Buck No.95 Australian Knifel. L.29
LOT 26186/9
5x US Bayonet. W.30 Cm.
LOT 26258/312
Table Lamps. H.51 Cm.
LOT 2636678/1062
Original Restored WW2 German Helmet.
LOT 264429/806
A Pair of Lotus Lights.(NEW) H.18 C
LOT 2657603/57
2x Glass Selection and 1x Cognac Gla
LOT 2667603/987
3x Glass Cake Stand . Ref.86 B.6
LOT 26764/1096
6x Crystal Glasses in Box.
LOT 2687629/7
Indonesia Wooden Tray.L.40 Cm.
LOT 2696028/252
A Pair of Japanese Rice Bowls.
LOT 2707107/112
Temple Bell with Stand. W.20L.L.33
LOT 271348/1770
2 Boxes of 12 Volt Utility light wit
LOT 2727889/56
Digital Scale.
LOT 273429/798
A Pair of Carved Wood Panel. W.24 C
LOT 2747889/54
Mini Keyboard.
LOT 275348/1779
An old engraved brass vessel
LOT 276348/1780
A small tiffany style stained glass
LOT 2777865/7
Sculpture on Base Buddha Head. W.29
LOT 27864/1091
Tempered Glass Cocktail Punch. W.27
LOT 2796028/271
Vintage Asian style belt
LOT 2807889/37
Antique Mother of Pearl Inlay Pictur
LOT 28164/1094
2x Blue Tall Glasses in Box.
LOT 2827865/10
Elephant with bell Sculpture. W.24
LOT 2837865/6
Sculpture on Base Orient Asian. W.2
LOT 2847889/3
Naga Prok- Bronze Buddha Statue. W.
LOT 285145/589
A Pair of Scandinavian candles. H.16
LOT 286429/807
Old Brass Bronze Dragon Pot. W.15 H
LOT 2877629/5
Pig set.
LOT 2887107/114
Small Bell. H.21 Cm.
LOT 2894567/112
3x Bead Necklaces.
LOT 290429/797
High Quality Lady Bag(new)
LOT 291348/1781
An 8 inches old decorative plate
LOT 292348/1773
4x old Chinese plates.
LOT 2933975/50
Chinese Happy Buddha of Abundance
LOT 2947727/54
Wade collection LTD Edition
LOT 2957727/28
Old midwinter milk Jugs (W.10 cm) an
LOT 2967727/29
Old Coldport milk and sugar bowl.bow
LOT 2977727/27
Old Royal Doulton Bowl. W.13 Cm.
LOT 2987727/38
Royal Doulton character Jug tiny siz
LOT 2997727/37
Royal Doulton character Jug tiny siz
LOT 3007727/39
Royal Doulton character Jug tiny siz
LOT 3017727/36
Royal Doulton old figure Cissie
LOT 3027727/35
Royal Doulton Figure Penny
LOT 3037727/31
Bestwick figure
LOT 3047727/30
Bestwicker beatrix Potter Peter rabb
LOT 3057727/32
Bestwick 7727 Beatrix Potter Mrs.Rab
LOT 3067727/33
Royal Doulton Benny King's boy skate
LOT 3077727/52
Royal Doulton Bunnykins Fortune tell
LOT 3087727/53
Bestwick Beatrix Potter Pigling blan
LOT 3097727/47
Royal Doulton character Jug small si
LOT 3107727/46
Royal Doulton character Jug small si
LOT 3117727/49
Royal Doulton character Jugsmall siz
LOT 3127727/40
Royal Doulton character Jug miniatur
LOT 3137727/42
Royal Doulton character Jug miniatur
LOT 3147727/44
Royal Doulton character Jug miniatur
LOT 3157727/45
Royal Doulton character Jug miniatur
LOT 3167727/48
Royal Doulton character Jugsmall siz
LOT 3177727/43
Royal Doulton character Jug miniatur
LOT 3187727/41
Royal Doulton character Jug miniatur
LOT 3197727/50
Royal Doulton character Jug small si
LOT 3207727/34
Old Royal Doulton Ash tray
LOT 321429/815
2x Vintage Snuff Bottle.
LOT 3227727/51
Royal Doulton character Jug small si
LOT 323348/1783
2x wooden pocket mirrors with mother
LOT 32440/322
Nazi Iron Cross with Photos.
LOT 3256028/266
10x Vintage Thai Style Bowls.
LOT 3264567/109
Flower Glass Bowl
LOT 3277302/12
Good Quality Bronze Buddha W.24 H.3
LOT 328348/1782
2x wooden display stand.
LOT 3297603/2076
Standard Lamp. W.39 H.144 Cm. Ref.
LOT 3307889/44
Porcelain Vase. W.30 H.80 Cm.
LOT 3317880/3
Lion Resin Handicraft. W.34 H.24 Cm
LOT 3327603/2055
Typewriter. Ref.225 B.10
LOT 3337727/2
A Pair of Wall Buddha Mask.
LOT 3344412/137
3x Tin Plated.
LOT 3356028/234
2 Side Tin Plated(Thai Whiskey & Pep
LOT 3364567/113
3x Bead Necklaces.
LOT 337145/587
Lady Sunglass Handmade- Hout Couture
LOT 3387898/3
2004 Silver Eagle Dollar.
LOT 3397898/1
2004 Silver Eagle Dollar.
LOT 3407898/2
2004 Silver Eagle Dollar.
LOT 341429/812
Red Stone Silver Plated Ring.
LOT 342429/813
Pink Stone Ring.
LOT 343429/804
Tiger Eyes Bracelet.
LOT 3443600/438
Jade Donut as Necklace.
LOT 345429/805
Gold Plated Bar.
LOT 346429/814
3x King Rama 9 Bank Note(1948-1968)
LOT 34764/1087
Lady Ring.
LOT 3483600/431
Pra Somdet Amulet in case.
LOT 3493600/436
Commemorative Coin, King Rama V.
LOT 3503600/437
Commemorative Coin / Plaque, King Ra
LOT 3513600/433
Spade Money, China, 3 pcs.
LOT 3523600/434
14x Coins New Half Penny 1973.
LOT 3533600/432
12x Vintage Coins.
LOT 3547117/131
Silver Plate Ring.
LOT 355145/582
Dyrberg/Keen - Crystal Ring.
LOT 3567889/26
Carved Wall Panel. W.150 H.150 Cm.
LOT 3577603/1734
Gilt Mirror. W.62 H.45 Cm. Ref.13
LOT 3587441/9
Abstract oil painting. Dimension 80x
LOT 3597889/25
Large Mirror with carved wooden Fram
LOT 3607894/2
A Large Carved Buddha Head in a Fram
LOT 3612468/71
A Beautifull Gilded Mirror. W 117 H
LOT 3627858/83
Oil Painting with nice framed. W.81
LOT 3637858/88
Oil Painting with nice Gilted Framed
LOT 3647865/14
Abstract China Town Bangkok oil Canv
LOT 3654412/140
Oil Painting-Arabian Lady. W.108 H.
LOT 3667441/8
Abstract oil painting. Dimension 80x
LOT 3677889/1
Queen Size Wooden Bed.
LOT 3683963/30
Wooden Bed King Size with Mattress a
LOT 3696028/276
3xTin Plated.
LOT 3706028/277
3xTin Plated.
LOT 3716028/275
3x Tin Plated.
LOT 3726028/278
3x Tin Plated.
LOT 3736028/279
3x Tin Plated.
LOT 3746028/280
3x Tin Plated.
LOT 3756028/282
3x Tin Plated.
LOT 3766028/281
3x Tin Plated.
LOT 3776028/238
Mixed Tin Plated.
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