(+66) 092-272-0800 , (+66) 033-038-087
LOT 13270/746
Gunter Wilhelm Executive Chef High Q
LOT 23270/755
GUERLAIN Paris Champs-Elyees Ladies
LOT 351/1341
Chinese Buddha
LOT 43270/725
Set of 6 Individual Sterling Silver
LOT 53270/729
Pair of Sterling Silver Candle Holde
LOT 63270/728
Set of 6 Individual Coasters With St
LOT 73270/718
BACCARAT French Crystal Bowl Excelle
LOT 83270/757
Donna Karan DKNY Cashmere Mist Ladie
LOT 96471/145
Bronzr Roman figure of man
LOT 103270/733
Ralph Lauren Silver Plated Photo Fra
LOT 113270/734
Silver Photo Frame Made In Italy
LOT 126471/139
Small brass pig
LOT 133270/717
Crystal Decanter With Stopper Excell
LOT 143270/736
Vintage Silver Plated Cocktail Shake
LOT 15736/68
Seclection of very nice Chinese vase
LOT 163270/730
Lovely Vintage Inlaid Music Box Made
LOT 173270/738
Vintage PENN Fishing Reel
LOT 183270/739
PENN Senator Large Size Fishing Reel
LOT 193270/721
Crystal Vase By Val St. Lambert of B
LOT 203963/16
Bonw China tea set
LOT 213270/719
DAUM France Heavy Crystal Ashtray
LOT 223270/726
Pair of Sterling Silver Salt & Peppe
LOT 233270/727
Pair of Sterling Silver Salt & Peppe
LOT 243270/749
2x Vintage Silver Plated Child's Cup
LOT 25736/69
Hawaiian vase with flowers
LOT 266469/317
8x Ban Chiang terracotta pots
LOT 27159/1693
A very old cloisonne plate & stand d
LOT 283270/740
Schrade Knife Brand New In Box
LOT 29159/1682
Set of 6 new silver plated engraved
LOT 306471/148
Sterling silver stamped ship decante
LOT 313270/720
High Quality Copper Pan With Lid
LOT 323270/745
Lot of 6 High Quality Chefs Knives B
LOT 333270/751
Sterling Silver Gold Washed Child's
LOT 343270/731
Family of 3 Elephants ca. 1930's - 1
LOT 353963/19
Green Decanter with 6 glasses
LOT 366471/150
Collection of 25 pieces of Royal Cro
LOT 37159/1692
A very nice copperised Japanese lady
LOT 383270/742
Lot of 6 Vintage High Quality Scisso
LOT 393270/724
Silver Plated Serving Dish With Cove
LOT 403270/723
Silver Plated Covered Serving Dish W
LOT 41159/1689
A beautiful pink crystal glass lotus
LOT 423270/732
Orrefors Sweden Crystal Bowl
LOT 433270/722
Silver Plated Photo Frame Made In It
LOT 44145/466
Copper oil lamp
LOT 456471/147
Set of 4 antique Royal Crown Derby p
LOT 463963/14
Bavaria porcelaine ted set
LOT 476471/134
Large Chinese laugming Buddha
LOT 483270/737
Art Glass Paperweight Signed Caithne
LOT 496678/74
Set of 4 nice glass snuff bottles de
LOT 50145/467
Alam clock
LOT 51145/468
Europa antique pocket watch
LOT 526678/75
enamel color brass perfume bottle pa
LOT 534199/822
Original 1910 map of German army man
LOT 542689/48
Elephants stick
LOT 556678/49
Very rare WW1 US Bayonet with wooden
LOT 566678/77
Brass dragon walking stick sword
LOT 573552/16
Wooden Caved
LOT 586471/159
Antique brass milk churn
LOT 596471/133
Bronze rabbit
LOT 606678/89
WW2 German Wehrmacht double decals m
LOT 616471/141
Brass carriage horse
LOT 626471/154
3x decanters 1 ships 1 enburgh cryst
LOT 6340/297
Original Nazi German set 3 banknote
LOT 646471/142
A pair of bronze deers
LOT 65733/112
Wooden carved buffalo
LOT 664199/818
Amazing antique Sukothai style large
LOT 674199/820
Antique Sukothai vase
LOT 686127/11
Chinese blue and white vase
LOT 693270/756
Clinique Happy Ladies Perfume - Larg
LOT 703963/20
Glass Vase and 2 trays
LOT 713963/18
6pcs small crystal glasses
LOT 7240/298
11 Poster - Soviet Union propaganda
LOT 73159/1691
A very old pair of Antique bronze ea
LOT 746471/156
Antique Masons ironstone vase
LOT 753270/743
One Dozen Brand New Callaway & Nike
LOT 763270/747
One Dozen Brand New Titleist Golf Ba
LOT 776678/86
Nice Samurai tanto dragon sword with
LOT 783270/752
Genuine Rolex Watch Box
LOT 793563/234
British double decker bus
LOT 80159/1668
A beautiful old green glass water ju
LOT 816471/152
Antique bronze Rama 5 figure
LOT 82159/1681
A pair of very nice celadon bulbous
LOT 833563/250
Spoons in tray
LOT 846678/43
Beautiful hand painted glass jade an
LOT 853270/748
Waterford Crystal Photo Frame - Bran
LOT 86159/1683
A tall pair of Japanese Emperor and
LOT 87159/1695
A lovely pair of silver & gold plate
LOT 883270/758
Tommy Bahama "Set Sail In St. Barts"
LOT 896678/72
handmade quality old jade incense bu
LOT 906678/76
Old bone opium pipe decorated with m
LOT 91159/1671
Set of 6 Imari small bowls
LOT 92159/1673
Nice gold rimmed Chinese porcelain v
LOT 936469/324
A pair of small Ban Chiang pottery v
LOT 946678/37
Antique complete Nazi period picture
LOT 954199/787
Unusual old Chinese Antique style Ri
LOT 963563/243
Brass Eagle
LOT 976471/155
Benedictine monks
LOT 986471/136
Antique French marble clock with key
LOT 996471/121
Antique bronze Thai Buddha
LOT 100159/1679
A very heavy bronze Ganesha
LOT 1013270/750
Antique Quadruple Plated Silver Chil
LOT 1026678/66
2x Nice jade seals decorated with ho
LOT 1036678/62
Old Chinese book of beautiful flower
LOT 1046471/146
Bronze Chinese boy playing game
LOT 1056471/149
Beautiful French porcelian hand pain
LOT 1066469/323
Large Ban Chiang pottery vase
LOT 1076471/144
Eropeain bronze of boy hunting
LOT 1086471/119
Large Bronze Thai Buddha with elepha
LOT 1096678/85
Beautiful handmade Chinese quality k
LOT 1102266/70
Blue and White planters on stands
LOT 1116471/135
Large brass Corinthian column lamp
LOT 1125083/11
Wooden carved boy
LOT 1133963/21
Marble horse with ashtray fish
LOT 1143270/753
CALVIN KLEIN Contradiction Ladies Pe
LOT 1156678/80
Old handmade colorful famille verte
LOT 116159/1685
A very heavy cast bronze wolf-hound
LOT 1174742/34
Set of Bohemian color crystal glasse
LOT 1183270/754
MARC JACOBS Blush Ladies Perfume
LOT 1196678/57
Axis Japan-German unusual friendship
LOT 1202591/861
Job lot of Decorations
LOT 1216469/327
Ban Chiang pottery vase
LOT 1226469/316
7x Ban Chiang terracotta pots
LOT 12340/295
Iron Nazi cross
LOT 1243963/22
porcelaine ted set no jar
LOT 1256471/153
Music jewelry cabinet
LOT 126159/1667
Nice pair of Satsuma style planters
LOT 1273563/242
Silver plate tray with glass insert
LOT 1283563/238
Thymble set in tray
LOT 1296469/325
5x small Ban Chiang pottery bowls
LOT 1303963/15
Crystal vase
LOT 1316678/51
Early 20th century rare hand painted
LOT 132159/1672
A green glaze and gilt stoneware twi
LOT 13340/291
Russian sport camera "Kiev" 1960 yea
LOT 1342591/1137
Yellow and Red Vases
LOT 1356678/61
Handmade unusual old Chinese white j
LOT 1364199/821
Original 1937 edition of rare pictur
LOT 1376471/151
Antique French triple glass folding
LOT 1386678/87
Old beautiful handmade Chinese imper
LOT 1392591/1144
4 pottery vases
LOT 1406678/73
Nice original rare Nazi swim-documen
LOT 1416581/132
Silver plated egg cup muffin dish an
LOT 1424591/68
Hand made table lamp
LOT 1436471/158
Antique brass milk churn
LOT 1443563/246
Mitutoyo digital caliper
LOT 1452591/1134
Job lot of 20 pottery
LOT 1463717/14
Stainless steel tray
LOT 1476678/67
Old unusual ancient abacus made of q
LOT 1486688/2
Celling Light
LOT 1493563/249
3pcs of brass wall plaques
LOT 150159/1669
A 19th century Qing poly chrome hand
LOT 15140/293
Original Vietnam war medals set
LOT 1524199/823
Collection of rare antique Thai stam
LOT 1536678/88
Samurai dagger with quality damascus
LOT 154159/1664
A very nice P Regout&Co antique (183
LOT 1555686/18
Vintage clock
LOT 1566469/326
A pair of Ban Chiang pottery vases w
LOT 1573563/248
Pair of brass boat plaques
LOT 1586678/42
Original 1933 rare German over 250 p
LOT 1592591/1133
Job lot of 20 pottery
LOT 1606471/157
Bronze animal figure
LOT 161159/1680
A bronze muscular man on a marble pl
LOT 162159/1666
A very heavy lead crystal 14 inch be
LOT 1634199/817
Grain Sack WW2 for the German army w
LOT 1643563/236
Copper Shakespeare plaque
LOT 1656678/65
Exceptional beautiful handmade quali
LOT 1666678/78
German WW2 Bayonet with swastika
LOT 167159/1665
A lovely condition old enameled Cant
LOT 168159/1688
A blue & White early C 20th porcelai
LOT 16940/296
Big Soviet Union's military 7 photos
LOT 170159/1696
A very heavy clear & frosted fruit b
LOT 171159/1687
Chinese blue & white C 19th blue & w
LOT 17240/294
Collection of the Adolf Hitler stamp
LOT 1734591/56
Wooden carved on stand
LOT 174223/62
Thai Sword
LOT 1756471/143
Bronze Rama 5 figure
LOT 17651/1308
Old Buddha
LOT 1776469/315
Wine basket on stand
LOT 178159/1684
A very large heavy elephant tusk tab
LOT 1796471/110
Thai bronze lady playing flute
LOT 1802591/1138
A vaes
LOT 1816469/321
6x ceramic soliflower vases
LOT 1822591/1130
Job lot of pottery
LOT 18340/292
Soviet Union's map of Russian Empire
LOT 184338/1409
Wooden clock
LOT 1852591/1132
4 pottery vases
LOT 1862591/1131
Job lot of pottery
LOT 18730/419
Roberts Radio with adapter and Remot
LOT 188663/27
Job lot of 15x watch man
LOT 1896469/322
Large Ban Chiang pottery vase
LOT 1905397/86
Sharp LED TV 52 inch no remote
LOT 1912591/1136
2 vases
LOT 19246/1352
Wooden carved dining table with 6 ch
LOT 19346/1362
Wooden round table with marble top
LOT 1946638/17
Round table with 4 chairs
LOT 1954591/54
Ceramic vase with flowers
LOT 1965916/22
Garment Suit bag with 2 handers and
LOT 1973391/70
Spinning wheel
LOT 1984742/24
Marble top mirror back credenza 45x1
LOT 19946/1348
French lady armchair
LOT 2006681/7
Floodlight (200 watt)
LOT 2016681/8
UFO high bay (120 watt)
LOT 2026681/50
UFO (200 watt)
LOT 2036681/41
5x Solar extension cable 5 meters
LOT 2046681/54
4x Xenon headlights (55 watt)
LOT 2056681/51
Linear light (200 watt)
LOT 2066681/53
2x Triproof light batten 120cm (50 w
LOT 207223/54
Steel Hand made Robot
LOT 2086681/55
4x LED headlights (45 watt)
LOT 2096681/40
Solar Street light all in one (90 wa
LOT 21046/1357
Victorian lady chair
LOT 2116678/84
Rare German WW2 marine uniform with
LOT 2125521/70
Fiberglass wine barrel
LOT 2134591/49
Wooden Round table
LOT 2144591/66
3x table Lamps
LOT 2156701/2
Golf club
LOT 216434/3466
Roun table with 2 chairs
LOT 217434/3467
Round table with 2 chairs
LOT 2185083/14
A pair of wooden carved tigers
LOT 21946/1353
Large Oak cupboard with 1 key size 1
LOT 2201499/1
Pool table with Acc 7fit with keys i
LOT 2216671/1
Pool table with Acc 3.5x7 ft.2keys
LOT 222434/3468
Round table with 2 chairs
LOT 2233108/2
4 x 8 Pool table with accessories
LOT 224434/3465
Round table with 2 chairs
LOT 2251/965
Shell advertising with Bluetooth spe
LOT 2263552/14
Giant bike
LOT 2275867/21
LOT 2286687/1
LOT 2292591/1109
Large Red sofa set
LOT 230434/3464
Large Roun table with 3 chairs
LOT 2314402/29
Antique boat
LOT 2326682/54
Round dining table with 4x chairs
LOT 2335756/49
Snow man and snow gril
LOT 234159/1642
A lovely vintage Mahogany free stand
LOT 2353067/50
Woodden table
LOT 2362211/21
Dining table with 2 chairs
LOT 2376469/300
Large Round Glass table
LOT 2383270/744
Lot of 6 Assorted Pair of Antique Gl
LOT 239159/1690
A brand new Swiss rotary watch with
LOT 2403270/741
Parker Fountain Pen With Base - 14K
LOT 241913/353
9 Karat gold sapphire lady ring
LOT 2426127/10
2x inside painted Snuff bottles
LOT 2436678/82
Alloy of lead and zinc quality made
LOT 244145/459
Sonic unisex sport watch
LOT 245145/456
Orient lady watch
LOT 246145/460
Casio lady watch
LOT 247145/452
Dyrberg/Kern lady watch
LOT 2486634/7
Swarovski Bracelet
LOT 249145/454
Mango lady watch
LOT 250145/458
Mango lady watch
LOT 251145/457
Schulstad lady watch
LOT 2526678/81
German WW2 Honor cross
LOT 2536678/63
Beautiful mechanical brass pocket wa
LOT 2546469/320
Montblanc ballpointn pen platinum-co
LOT 2556469/319
Montblanc fountain pen gold-coated
LOT 2563563/255
Job lot of ladies earrings
LOT 2576678/83
German WW2 high ranking officer silv
LOT 2585521/69
Boy Heavy Bronze Lamp
LOT 2594742/21
Oak court sideboard 50x125x170cm
LOT 2604742/17
Conner cabinet leg some damage
LOT 2614742/33
Antique wall clock
LOT 2624742/30
Antique wall clock
LOT 2636672/6
Gilt Bamboo frame Thai tapestry 146
LOT 2644742/29
Antique gilt frame wall clock
LOT 2654199/815
Beautiful Sukothai style sandstone b
LOT 26646/1354
Large oil on canvas horse with gilt
LOT 2676672/8
Gilt bamboo frame embossed printed
LOT 2684402/24
Mother of pear Buddha in Frame
LOT 2694742/31
Antique wall clock
LOT 2704742/20
Arts and carved oak bureaus sideboar
LOT 2714742/19
Oak cupborad with color glass 55x140
LOT 2726593/21
Louis serpentine wall table size 100
LOT 2734742/37
Wooden dining table with 6 chairs
LOT 2745686/25
Antique table clock
LOT 2754742/23
French Bomb bureau 50x65x105 cm
LOT 2763552/15
Canphor wood lined chest Carved
LOT 27746/1356
Leather Mexican style chair with tab
LOT 2785686/20
Bedside table with marble on top
LOT 2794742/16
Conner cabinet
LOT 28046/1351
Old Hand carved table and 1 side tab
LOT 2815499/75
V Tech Sit up brench
LOT 282611/26
A pair of table lamps
LOT 28351/1330
Large Woonden carved Dining table wi
LOT 2842591/1145
4 pcs of Plant Pot
LOT 285159/1614
A 3 speed standing fan with timer an
LOT 2866663/8
4 Wooden chinese chairs with cushion
LOT 2871499/4
4x Rattan chairs
LOT 28851/1334
A pair of bedside cabinet
LOT 2893270/761
Prada Ladies Shoes ($15,000 Baht New
LOT 2906707/2
Selection of tools in box
LOT 2911989/211
TV cabinet
LOT 2926694/1
Electric leather recliner chair
LOT 2936694/2
Electric leather recliner chair
LOT 2944742/35
TV Cabinet
LOT 2956682/2
LOT 2966672/14
Watercolor of squares with concentri
LOT 2975397/90
Table with 4 Chairs
LOT 2982591/1146
Wooden stool
LOT 2992591/1127
Job lot of pictures
LOT 30051/1343
Antique Commode
LOT 30146/1347
Wrought iron and Rattan chair with f
LOT 3022591/1112
Table with glass on top
LOT 3036554/19
Office chair
LOT 3041499/3
Water hyacinth 3 seat sofa
LOT 3055756/52
Christmas tree box not include
LOT 3066565/5
Gas grill griddle (Jomtien)
LOT 3076607/14
Samsung washing machine 7gk
LOT 308671/31
Toshiba microwave
LOT 309733/111
Strimmer, blower and shovel
LOT 310733/110
Lawn mower
LOT 3116607/18
LOT 3125397/82
Stanless shelf
LOT 313671/32
Panasonic refrigerator
LOT 3146614/2
Whirpool 2door Refrigerator
LOT 3151463/37
Toshiba refigerator
LOT 3164329/44
Samsung refrigerator
LOT 3176471/160
Hitachi refrigerator
LOT 3184329/43
Panasonic refrigerator
LOT 3191705/10
Large LG refrigerator
LOT 3206634/11
Gas barbecue with barbecue tools
LOT 3216688/11
Pair of sunbed
LOT 3222295/55
2x pottery vases
LOT 3231499/9
Laundry advertising sign 100x400cm
LOT 3246441/17
Dog case
LOT 325289/84
Samsung Vacuum Cleaner
LOT 32651/1336
White tv cabinet
LOT 3276634/8
Tefal juicer
LOT 3286669/8
Lot of curtains with rails 510x260cm
LOT 3296430/101
Christmas tree and stand
LOT 3304316/28
Wood framed mirror 60 x 100 cm.
LOT 3316669/21
Job lot of Garman books
LOT 3321499/7
Coffee table
LOT 3332591/1135
Tile Cutter
LOT 3341499/6
Coffee table
LOT 3355083/15
A pair of Infinity speakers
LOT 3366688/7
5x Faux wood Blinds 60x210cm
LOT 3376607/17
Cooking hood
LOT 338611/31
Exercise machine
LOT 3395490/5
Heavy 3d glass pictures
LOT 3405490/832
5x of Heavy 3d glass pictures
LOT 3413391/83
BBQ unit
LOT 3426684/2
White board on stand
LOT 3434591/28
Teak wood king size bed with teak wo
LOT 3442515/112
Large tent with accessories in box
LOT 34551/1344
Dressing table
LOT 3466663/6
Sink with cabinet
LOT 3474591/35
King size bed
LOT 3483391/31
wardrobe 2 doors mirror
LOT 3496680/2
Electrolux Vacuum cleaner
LOT 3506672/22
Computer desk
LOT 3515490/826
Heavy 3d glass picture wall clock
LOT 3523391/47
LOT 353341/50
Golf bag
LOT 3542789/81
Long upholsterd bench
LOT 355205/47
4x Chairs
LOT 3565221/2
Exercise equipment
LOT 3571499/10
4x Rattan chairs
LOT 3586682/17
Job lot of bag packs not including b
LOT 3594479/15
A pair of armchairs
LOT 3606707/1
Selection of tools in box
LOT 3611499/5
Coffee table
LOT 3626707/3
Selection of signs and flag
LOT 3634742/36
Wooden Bench
LOT 3646634/17
Lot of curtains with pole
LOT 3653270/759
Travel Pro Carry On Roller Suitcase
LOT 3663270/760
TUMI Ballistic Nylon Garment Travel
LOT 3676366/26
Job lot of cameras
LOT 3682591/1140
Job lot of Misc
LOT 3692211/23
Air cooler new in box
LOT 3702591/977
Queen size bed with mattress and 1x
LOT 3716701/1
Golf club
LOT 3726469/130
Square black dining table with 4x ch
LOT 3736469/328
6x wooden lanterns
LOT 374671/30
Alpha LED TV 32 inch remote in offic
LOT 375611/23
Deep fryer
LOT 3765916/23
Suitcase blue color
LOT 3776672/7
Selection of dog books
LOT 3784591/50
Wooden table
LOT 3796680/3
Rattan sofa set
LOT 3805053/3
Japanese music box
LOT 381611/30
Large vase with flowers
LOT 3823391/30
Large wardrobe
LOT 3836486/1
Antique German cupboard
LOT 3843390/44
Electronic dartboard with darts and
LOT 3856607/21
A Small Acoustic guitar with bag
LOT 386663/18
Vehicle blackbox DVR
LOT 387663/19
Vehicle blackbox DVR
LOT 3883391/131
Electric grinder
LOT 3896634/18
Tools in box
LOT 3906688/4
Galanz Microwave
LOT 391145/469
Electrolux iron
LOT 392275/160
Torque wrench 3/8"drive 10-150ft.lbs
LOT 3936634/19
Electric drill in box
LOT 3946682/40
Smarthome halogen oven
LOT 3956682/25
3x electric kettles
LOT 396145/463
Philips hair cut machine
LOT 3975558/37
3x Electric kitchen scales
LOT 3985397/87
Electrolux microwave
LOT 3996634/3
Jie-star drone
LOT 4006681/23
20x LED Modules
LOT 4013391/148
Job lot of misc.
LOT 4026607/23
A Gas Stove
LOT 4032591/1143
Cannon camera, Sony handy cam,binocu
LOT 4045877/55
LG mictowave
LOT 4056682/37
Hp printer
LOT 4066682/33
In house electric kettle
LOT 407445/30
Tomato slicer
LOT 4082591/964
Job lot of Electrics
LOT 4096682/30
Delonghi coffee machine
LOT 4106682/26
Deep fryer
LOT 4116682/21
2x large suitcases
LOT 41251/1339
Shoes cabinet. Dimension 38x84x93 cm
LOT 4136682/23
2x black suitcases
LOT 4146593/49
Woven long stool
LOT 4156593/34
A pair of French wing arm chairs
LOT 4166682/42
Canon printer
LOT 4172591/125
Job lot of pictures
LOT 4181989/195
Mitsubishi window fan
LOT 4196430/66
Aluminium milk churns
LOT 4205558/35
10x Magnetic door mesh 90cm x 210cm
LOT 421159/1670
A 9 plate tool repairing set very ha
LOT 4221989/208
Mitsubishi window fan
LOT 423703/19
Glass coffee table
LOT 424736/63
Steamer cleaner
LOT 4256593/38
Bench carved standard polish size 13
LOT 4264591/32
TV cabinet 40x122x94cm
LOT 4276593/25
Armoire 1 door 2 drawers
LOT 4284591/37
Teak wood TV cabinet 43x100x136cm
LOT 4296593/27
Woven corner lounge polish size 140x
LOT 4304591/62
6x White Chairs
LOT 4316604/4
Small Violin
LOT 4326593/26
Teak coffee table with 2x drawers
LOT 4336593/42
Italain stool 2 seaters size 116x53x
LOT 4346593/7
Grandmother chair 2 seater standard
LOT 4356430/99
Job lot of Misc
LOT 4366593/16
Sofa carved size 190x80x70 cm.
LOT 4376593/6
Flower carved single ended sofa silv
LOT 4386593/44
A pair of wing arm chair brown fabri
LOT 4393391/36
Wooden bench with cushions
LOT 4406672/34
English Rugby shirt signed by all t
LOT 4416593/18
Piano table 2 drawer standart polish
LOT 4426469/301
Small Round Glass table
LOT 4434591/57
Pair of Bedside cabinet
LOT 4446593/39
Wine rack 4 bottle 1 shelves 1 drawe
LOT 4453391/41
Glass top coffee table
LOT 446622/1
Late 19 century J.P. Andersen piano
LOT 4476469/310
A pair of bamboo cache pots with flo
LOT 4486593/48
Square stool with shelves with uphol
LOT 4496638/23
3x Buddha pictures
LOT 4504591/67
2x bedside cabinet with small table
LOT 451159/1675
A Genuine 1920s Will,s gold flake ci
LOT 4524591/60
5x White Chairs
LOT 4534591/58
Pair of Bedside cabinet
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